Must See Attractions In Odense, Denmark - SittingUnderAPalmTree

8 Must See Attractions In Odense, Denmark maj 1, 2022 – Posted in: Denmark, Travel

WHAT TO SEE IN ODENSE? There are lots of interesting sights in Odense – and then of course it is the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen! In addition, Odense is also known for the music festival Tinderbox, which is held in June, HC Andersen’s festivals in August and Magic Days Odense which takes place during the autumn holidays in October. Here you get lots of inspiration for experiences and sights in Odense. See more sights and plan…

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A Daytrip To Aarhus, Denmark - SittingUnderAPalmTree

A Daytrip To Aarhus, Denmark – What To See And Do april 24, 2022 – Posted in: Denmark, Travel

Why not go on a daytrip to Aarhus, the City of Smiles? There are many good reasons to do so. Here, you can enjoy the always beautiful Aarhus Å, the river that winds through the city, and the view from the Cathedral Tower, just as the city’s many museums and restaurants are also worth a visit. WHAT TO SEE IN AARHUS It is a good idea to plan at least some of the trip from…

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Hidden Gems And Unusual Sights In Rome, Italy marts 1, 2022 – Posted in: Italy, Travel

Cool, Hidden, and Unusual Things to Do in Rome Are you looking for new and unusual attractions in Rome? If this is not your first visit to Rome, you’ve probably already seen the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum. But Rome offers many other exciting sights, often completely unknown to most tourists. And it is indeed very liberating to be able to see the exciting attractions completely without the loud guided tours and…

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Best Restaurants in Rome - SittingUnderAPalmTree

Best Restaurants In Rome – Find Them Here! februar 1, 2022 – Posted in: Italy, Travel

Where to eat in Rome? The best restaurants in Rome – how do you find them? There are an infinite number of good restaurants in Rome, and it can be difficult to pick out only a few restaurants that you just have to visit. In fact, it would be easier and quicker to write about where not to eat. Still, here are a few tips for unique, gastronomic experiences in Rome that you must not…

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Tips for Your Vacation in Cordoba, Spain - SittingUnderAPalmTree

Travel Tips For Your Vacation In Cordoba, Spain november 29, 2021 – Posted in: Spain, Travel

Tips for an amazing holiday in Cordoba If you have already visited many of the other beautiful cities in Spain, then you simply must also go for a holiday in Cordoba! The city offers an impressive history influenced by Romans, Moors and Jews, and the cuisine is, even for Andalusia, filled with delicious specialties that you will not find anywhere else. There are many reasons to go on holiday in Cordoba, not only for because…

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How To Get Around In Venice - SittingUnderAPalmTree

How To Get Around In Venice – By Foot, Gondola & Vaporetto september 23, 2021 – Posted in: Italy, Travel

An Essential Guide to Public Transport in Venice Getting around Venice, the best way is on foot or by vaporetto, one of the many water buses. It takes a day or two getting used to suddenly being in a city where all the routes through the city also require a consideration of how to get across the canals. There are only four bridges over the Canal Grande, the great canal deviding the city, with the…

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Holiday In Stockholm With Kids - SittingUnderAPalmTree

Holiday In Stockholm With Kids – 10 Things To Do and See september 12, 2021 – Posted in: Holidays with kids, Sweden, Travel

ATTRACTIONS IN STOCKHOLM WITH KIDS Stockholm has many fun things to see and do for both children and adults. There is something going on all year round, regardless of whether you are going on a summer holiday or winter weekend break in Stockholm. So let’s go! 9 ATTRACTIONS IN STOCKHOLM WITH KIDS Here you can read about the sights that you should definitely not miss when you when you are in Stockholm on a family…

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Tips For A Holiday In Skåne Scania, Sweden - SittingUnderAPalmTree

Tips For A Holiday In Skåne / Scania, Sweden oktober 1, 2020 – Posted in: Sweden, Travel

A TRIP AROUND SKÅNE / SCANIA There are so many beautiful sights in Scania, the Southern part of Sweden, that it can be difficult to choose. Here you can read about some of all the exciting and fun experiences that you can see on a holiday in Scania. Let’s go! 8 MUST SEE SIGHTS IN SKÅNE / SCANIA START IN MALMÖ Malmö is the first city you arrivce in when crossing the Øresund Bridge. Malmöhus…

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