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Ivan, Rune and Trine - Sitting Under A Palm Tree

A bit about us…

Welcome to SittingUnderAPalmTree, where we share our passion for traveling! Here you can read a bit about the three of us. Just as much as we love to travel, we also love reading other people’s travel blogs.

SittingUnderAPalmTree is therefore created out of love from reading solid tips to the best restaurants, sights and shopping areas. We wanted to give something back – but in the form in which we would like to receive the travel tips.

About SittingUnderAPalmTree

The intention with this page is to give best travel tips – and not our reviews. Instead of writing about how we felt about seeing a particular tourist attraction, we prefer to tell you where to find it and what you should be aware of, and then you can visit it yourself and form your own opinion.

The images all belong to SittingUnderAPalmTree, unless otherwise stated. We do not use filters of any kind as we do not think it is necessary. The world is beautiful as it is.

And about the name

In 2018, Trine’s parents invited the extended family to Tenerife. While Ivan swam in the pool with his cousins, Rune and Trine went for a walk. Suddenly the phone rang and one of Rune’s vendors for the bar was at the other end. After finishing their business, the partner asked where he was because the phone line was falling out.

Later that day, Rune revealed that his life goal #1 was one day to be able to pick up the phone and in all honesty be able to say: I’m sitting here under a palm tree. This phrase became our vision as we tried to describe the dogma we wanted to live by. To wake up every day, anywhere in the world, even on a rainy day at home, feeling just as relaxed as if we were sitting right there under the palm tree.

We know very well that it isn’t possible to have that feeling all the time. It’s not fun to do the dishes, pay the bills and get groceries. But we try to get the feeling in our lives every single day. When Ivan one day no longer has a school to attend, the big goal is to go to winter hibernating in Spain or Italy.

Until then, we travel as much as we can. Feel free to tag along! ♥