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Hiking On The Archipelago Trail, South Funen – Tours and Tips februar 23, 2022 – Posted in: Denmark, Travel

The Archipelago Trail – Øhavsstien The Archipelago Trail, Øhavsstien, is a 220 km long, marked hiking route that stretches across South Funen and the islands. From Faaborg in the west to Lundeborg in the east and across Langeland, Tåsinge and Ærø, you can walk through the beautiful landscape on what is one of the longest hiking routes in Denmark. Many go hiking in the summer, but with a pair of rainproof hiking boots, you can also…

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Hiking Trips in Cordoba - SittingUnderAPalmTree

Hiking Trips In Cordoba, Spain november 29, 2021 – Posted in: Spain, Travel

Hiking in Cordoba We love to walk, and just had to write a post about hiking in Cordoba. The article here contains the description of the hike we took from Cordoba and out to the ancient Moorish palace city, Medina Azahara. You can also read about the trail we found, which in 2022 will become a beautiful hiking route in the vicinity of Cordoba. Finally, there is also room for a little tale of Cordoba’s…

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