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Best Restaurants In Cordoba, Spain november 29, 2021 – Posted in: Spain, Travel

Find the best restaurants in Cordoba Although Cordoba is somewhat smaller than Seville, the city offers a disproportionate number of really good restaurants and tapas bars, and it can therefore be difficult to choose. As in all other cities, a few minutes of googling is well spent when you need to find a good restaurant, but there is also another solution: Head out into the city and eat where you end up. If you’re lost,…

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10 Things To Eat In Cordoba, Spain – Posted in: Spain, Travel

What to eat in Cordoba? The food in Cordoba is amazing! The city has a completely unique cuisine, also for Andalusia, which is otherwise known for their local specialties. But Cordoba is a bit remote, right up against the big mountain ridges, and maybe that’s exactly why Cordoba offers very special regional dishes that you will not find anywhere else in Andalusia. The Cordoban cuisine is also still marked by the many years of Moorish…

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Hiking Trips In Cordoba, Spain – Posted in: Spain, Travel

Hiking in Cordoba We love to walk, and just had to write a post about hiking in Cordoba. The article here contains the description of the hike we took from Cordoba and out to the ancient Moorish palace city, Medina Azahara. You can also read about the trail we found, which in 2022 will become a beautiful hiking route in the vicinity of Cordoba. Finally, there is also room for a little tale of Cordoba’s…

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Travel Tips For Your Vacation In Cordoba, Spain – Posted in: Spain, Travel

Tips for an amazing holiday in Cordoba If you have already visited many of the other beautiful cities in Spain, then you simply must also go for a holiday in Cordoba! The city offers an impressive history influenced by Romans, Moors and Jews, and the cuisine is, even for Andalusia, filled with delicious specialties that you will not find anywhere else. There are many reasons to go on holiday in Cordoba, not only for because…

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10 Must See Attractions In Cordoba, Spain – Posted in: Spain, Travel

Tourist attractions in Cordoba There is plenty to see in Cordoba, the historic city that was once the capital of the Al-Andalus caliphate, after which Andalusia is also named. If you are only in Cordoba on a tour from Granada to Seville or on an day trip from Malaga, you won’t have time to see everything, this magnificent city has to offer. We can’t recommend you nough to stay one or more nights in Cordoba.…

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Shopping In Cordoba, Spain – All The Best Shopping Areas! – Posted in: Spain, Travel

Where to shop in Cordoba? If you are going shopping in Cordoba, you’ll need a guide to take you to the best shopping areas and main shopping streets.. Most shops are located around the main pedestrian street Calle Cruz Conde, but you can also find small souvenir shops in the old Jewish quarter, La Juderia. You can read about it all right here – and also about the city’s cozy Christmas market, which you can experience…

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