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Tips for an amazing holiday in Cordoba

If you have already visited many of the other beautiful cities in Spain, then you simply must also go for a holiday in Cordoba! The city offers an impressive history influenced by Romans, Moors and Jews, and the cuisine is, even for Andalusia, filled with delicious specialties that you will not find anywhere else.

There are many reasons to go on holiday in Cordoba, not only for because the food, but also for relaxation and for walking the hiking trails. Or maybe the reason for your visit to Cordoba might be that the city is just so incredibly beautiful!

Our Vacation in Cordoba

We visited Cordoba in November 2021, and even though the Christmas preparations had already started, with a Christmas market and flashing lights everywhere, there were still oranges on the trees, and it was warm enough to leave the scarf and gloves in Denmark.

We even enjoyed a lunch on the Guadalquivir River in the glorious sunshine, and our hike out to the palace city of Medina Azahar was without a jacket. However, we also had a few days of rain, but the thing with Cordoba is, there is always a really good restaurant to give you shelter for the rain, so we didn’t bother.

Both of us are really into archeology and history, and luckily there is plenty of that in Cordoba! The city has since the birth been under changing rulers, which is clearly reflected in the building history, but also in the menu – and in the language. In Cordoba, a special dialect of Andalusian is spoken, still using words from the time when Cordoba was the capital of the Muslim caliphate, Al-Andalus.

After a lot of traveling in Spain, we did think that we finally mastered a bit of Spanish… but we had quite a hard time understanding Andalusian. Paired with the fact that the locals don’t like to speak English, there was a lot of “point & nod”. But the Cordobans are a wonderful and hospitable people, and we had no trouble coping with our broken Spanish.

How to you get to Cordoba?

The easiest way to get to Cordoba is by landing at the airport in either Malaga or Seville. We flew out to Malaga and took the train to Cordoba, which takes an hour. Here are the directions from traveling between Malaga and Cordoba:

From Malaga Airport, take the train to Malaga Train Station, Estación de Málaga María Zambrano. At the station, you have to buy your tickets at the ticket office (Renfe), where you must also show your passport before taking your luggage through the security check at the entrance to the platforms. In November 2021, it was €30 from Malaga to Cordoba and slightly less from Cordoba to Seville. It is not possible to buy food or drink on the train.

We had six wonderful nights in Cordoba before boarding the train onwards to Seville, from where we had our flight home. The train journey between Cordoba and Seville takes about 45 minutes. There are both trains and airport buses between Seville city center and the airport, but we had to leave early in the morning, so we chose to take a taxi.

Our recommendation for a hotel in Cordoba

Hotel Cordoba Center - SittingUnderAPalmTree

Hotel Cordoba Center in Cordoba, Spain

We stayed at the Hotel Cordoba Center, which is located a 10 minutes walk from the train station. We had booked a standard double room, but never have we had so much space! When we arrived, there was a bottle of sparkling wine ready for us in the room, and it fit very well with the general impression that it was primarily couples and business people who checked in here. At least we did not see any children in the hotel during our stay.

The breakfast buffet was gigantic and with everything the you could possibly want: bacon and eggs, local specialties, pastries and excellent coffee. At the top of the hotel there is a pool and a bar overlooking the city, and in the lobby there is another bar. We can’t say anything about them, since the hotel is only a five minute walk from the start of the center and Av. del Gran Capitán, which offers plenty of bars and restaurants. From the hotel and to the ancient Roman bridge it is a 25 minutes walk.

In November 2021, we payed just around €80 pr. night for a double room with breakfast at Hotel Cordoba Center. You can also perform your own search on for a good hotel in Cordoba right here:

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