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Ivan, Rune and Trine - Sitting Under A Palm Tree

Hvem er vi?

Let’s introduce the little family. In Europe, in the Nordic countries, in Scandinavia and here in the tiny fairytale country called Denmark, we, a small family of three, live in the cozy town of Svendborg. The family behind SittingUnderAPalmTree consists of:


Ivan is our teenage son. In the beginning it was just Ivan and Trine, but then Rune came along, and now he has adopted Ivan. . Ivan got his name from a strong sense that in time he would grow up and become one of those people who has traveled all over the world. Ivan is a name, that you can pronounce in any country, and what luck!

He is now already well on his way, having an uncontrollable urge to see everything and everywhere. Born as he is without fear and with a lot of charm, he surely will reach his goal of visiting all continents.

Frequently Asked Questions: Is there free wifi on the hotel? Where is the plug for the charger? Has anyone seen the charger?


Rune is a proud heavy metal viking with a heart beating strongly for small craft breweries – and pink cocktails! Rune and his partner run several bars, two festivals and a coffee shop. He has a degree in Chinese (!), speaks fluent Mandarin (!!) and can recite  NFL stats in his sleep. From May to October, Rune is more than busy running all of his bars, while the rest of the year is spent planning the next trip. In our small family, he is the big foodie, strong in his belief that the best restaurant is always ‘just around the next corner’. Fortunately, he is also “The Man with the Card” (see below).

Frequently Asked Questions: There is a great deal on tickets to Rome – should I book? Where are we going to eat tonight?


Trine was originally trained as a librarian, but now makes coupon book, quizzes and games at www.lounoire.com. She is very often teased by the other two with her short legs as well as a constant need to find a toilet. Combined with a really bad sense of direction, she has now trained Ivan and Rune to always remember where the public toilets are located. She loves shopping and  always has have a souvenir from the local bakery. Being the granddaughter of a baker, Trine is also a foodie, she has studied medieval archeology and has learned how to design websites using YouTube. Also known as “The woman with the backpack, the camera and the guidebook”.

Frequently Asked Questions: Has anyone seen a toilet? Can we just stop, I need a picture? Where are we?