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Are you going on holiday in Berlin with kids? Berlin is a lovely city at all times of the year and so it is child friendly. There are lots of exciting attractions for children, lots of history to talk about and open spaces for running and playing.

In this article you will find 10 attractions for children on a holiday in Berlin – with links so you can quickly see if it’s for you. At the bottom you will also find tips for good and cheap hotels, all of which can be easily booked through Booking.com.


In addition to all the famous sights in Berlin, there are also several that the kids will love. Once you’ve seen the Brandenburg Tor, Check Point Charlie and the Museum Island, it’s time to play!


Tierpark Berlin is located like a large, green park in the middle of Berlin. Get off at subway station “Tierpark” and enjoy a nice walk in the Zoo. Here are many exciting animals where you can say hello to polar bears, tigers and elephants. If you want to pet goats, it is also possible. Also visit the nice playground and take a ride on the ZOO train.


KaDeWe is a crown jewel in the world of department stores and the heart of old capitalist West Berlin. Here’s all the luxury you could possibly want! Everyone is welcome to just come in and browse thorugh the aisles. Go up to the chocolate department and try to count how many different kinds of chocolate you can actually buy. In general, the whole area around Kurfürstendamm is an eldorado for big and small shoppers, with lots of high street stores and great deals.


Just around the corner, on Ansbacher Strasse, are halfway across the street some of the many small Stolpersteine, which Berlin is full of. The brass stones are memorials to the Jews, Roma and other ethnic groups who were deported by the Nazis and exterminated in the concentration camps. If you have children who don’t easily have nightmares, spend time reading the Jewish names, date of birth and death, and where they were deported to. Berlin contains a lot of history, and this is one of the dark chapters.


Join the canal tour from Nikolaiviertel and see the new Berlin. The trip is really nice, and you get out past the Reichstag, Kohl-losseum and Museuminsel. If you have already been to Tiergarten, you will now get to see it from the waterside.


In the RitterSport Museum you can build your own RitterSport or get a chocolate class. Remember to book the class from home! The associated chocolate museum is not that big, but for chocolate lovers it is very enlightening. The large selection of RitterSport in all flavors and sizes can also arouse cheers. Bring the big backpack!


Fernsehturm, the TV tower on Alexanderplatz, where the photo at the top is from, can also be recommended. Do book your tickets online, and if there is a room for it in the budget, also book the VIP tickets. If you don’t book in advance, there may be a long wait. With a VIP ticket you can skip the queue. Up in the tower there is a view over Berlin. It is strange to imagine that so much of Berlin after the bombings during World War II was nothing but rubble.

May we also suggest to have lunch in the restaurant, which is the same price and quality as everywhere else in the area. In the TV Tower, however, you get a rotating panoramic view over Berlin and also the cake buffet. Remember to book a table online.


If you want to go further out into the city, trams run from Alexanderplatz – and many other places in the former eastern district. Trams are a practical means of transport where you can jump on and off.


Take the tram to Bernauerstrasse, where you will find a wall museum out in open with a section of the Berlin Wall. Between the original sections of the wall, it becomes very clear how the city was once divided. Here there is time for a talk about the East and West. It also becomes clear that Western Berlin was once this small enclave in the large, closed East Germany, where people tried to flee. There are memorial plaques for those who tried and did not survive.


Right next door, in the Mauerpark, there is a chaotic, crowded flea market every Sunday – but also so much more! The huge, green park is filled to the brim with football players and people dancing, grilling, sunbathing and drinking. It is a mini music festival, with room for children on the large playground or inside by the pet goats.


Under the Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz is the LEGOLAND Discovery Center, a giant LEGO-themed indoor playground. Here the kids can build with LEGO bricks, take a ride in the fun park or watch LEGO movies in 4D. It is open every day except December 24th.


Here you will find recommendations for great and kids-friendly hotels in Berlin, all of which can be booked through Booking.com. We have stayed at all of them and can give them our best recommendations. See more hotels in Berlin by doing your own search here:



Are you looking for a good hotel in Berlin that is affordable – and within walking distance to Kurfürstendamm, KaDeWe and Tierpark Berlin? Then the Pestana Berlin Tiergarten can be recommended! Here you live in the quiet embassy district, just a short walk from a wealth of shops and good restaurants. The Pestana Berlin Tiergarten has spacious rooms, a sumptuous breakfast buffet, and a swimming pool. In a city where it can be difficult to find accommodation that is not too expensive, this hotel is an excellent offer.

Read more about the hotel here: Pestana Berlin Tiergarten


When you need to find a hotel that is both good and at the same time affordable, you can always look for an ibis hotel. ibis hotels are found in many big cities in Europe and most kids will love that the decor is the same in any hotel. Here you get a bed, often with a bunk bed above, shower and toilet. It’s not fancy, but always nice and really cozy. In Berlin, for example, you can stay at the ibis Berlin Kurfuerstendamm, a two-minute walk from KaDeWe and the Ubahn station.

Read more about the hotel here: ibis Berlin Kurfuerstendamm


If you look at Booking.com, you can find many cheap hostels in Berlin. However, the city is also a magnet for young people, and you just have to consider if it’s a good idea to stay with children in a youth hostels In those hostels where there are a lot of young people, it is normal to stumble into the room in the middle of the night and continue the party. If you still choose to stay in a hostel, look for one that is definitely family-friendly. Often you also have the option of booking a private room.

A good and cheap hostel in Berlin that is child-friendly and where you can get your own room is Sunflower Hostel Berlin in the hip Friedrichshain. Here is a short walk to the metro station Warschauer Str.

See more great hotels in Berlin on Booking.com here!

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