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Have a great holiday with kids in Cadiz

How do you get the very best holiday with children in Cadiz? Here you get the very best tips on how to have a kids-friendly holiday in the beautiful city. You can read about how to have the best holiday for toddlers and young children, and there are also travel tips for the holiday with teenagers. You’ll also get our tip for a really good place to stay when you are on holiday with children in Cadiz.

Tips for a holiday in Cadiz with toddlers and young children

The charming port town right on the Atlantic Ocean is first and foremost a town where you can have a wonderful beach holiday. Right inside the Old Town is the beach La Caleta, and in here the water is shallow, so toddlers and kids can also have a swim. The soft and warm sand invites you to a day of building sand castles. Note that there are rocks in the water, so it will be a good idea to bring bathing shoes for everyone. If you get tired of swimming, there are also many playgrounds in the city. They are located along the water and inside the large parks.

The Old Town is the perfect place to stay when you are on holiday with children in Cadiz. It takes about 20 minutes to walk across one end of the Old Town to the other. Even very small feet can manage the walk – especially with an ice cream in hand from one of the many heladerias, the delicious ice cream shops. Like all other cities on the Mediterranean, there are steep curbs, but you can easily get around the city with a stroller. There are also buses, but only out on the major roads around the city. Inside the city center, only taxis and private cars can enter.

Will the kids like the food in Cadiz?

After relaxing in the siesta, it’s time for dinner. It is important to know that the restaurants open at 8 pm at the earliest and most often not until 8.30, so remember to eat a big lunch. With children who can’t stay awake at this hour, you are welcome to bring the sleeping child with you in the stroller, as the locals do.

On the menu you’ll find plenty of thing, that kids will love, including fryed shrimp and squid rings and the crispy Tortillita de Camarones. The latter is deep-fried omelettes with small prawns. Read more about all the delicious, local dishes here: 10 things to eat in Cadiz, Spain

A holiday in Cadiz with teenagers

The older children and the teens will also be also to have a good time in the city. In the new town, which stretches al the way down to San Fernando on the other side of the bay, you’ll find the wide sandy beaches, Playa Santa María Del Mar and Playa La Victoria. Here the Atlantic waves are bigger and it attracts many surfers from all over the world.

In the article  Attractions in Cadiz, Spain, we have written about the sights that you must visit on a vacation in the city. But not everything is equally suitable for children. If we have to pick something out, the kids will like, it’s:

The older children, who can be quiet for half an hour, will also find the Phoenician / Roman excavation Yacimiento Arqueologico Gadir quite exciting. Family members who are more into shopping in Cadiz , will like the Old Town which offers plenty of shops and the two large shopping malls in the city. Also in Jerez de la Frontera you’ll find amazing horse riding shows.

More tips for your holiday in Cadiz

Find a great hotel in Cadiz

Cadiz is right on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, and no matter where you live in the city, it is not far to the nearest beach. The neighborhood of La Vina in the old town right on the beach of La Caleta is especially popular with the tourists. But further south, you’ll find miles and milis of lovely sandy beaches at Playa Santa María Del Mar and Playa La Victoria – so where do you stay?

On you can see the large selection of hotels in Cadiz, and below you can also read our recommendation for the best place to stay in Cadiz. You can also perform your own search on  for a great hotel in Cadiz right here:

A apartment in the Old Town in Cadiz

Precioso piso en La Caleta - Lejlighed i Cadiz - Find et godt hotel

Precioso piso en La Caleta – An apartment in The Old City in Cadiz

Being a group of two adults and a teenager on vacation, it required an extra room. We ended up finding a really nice apartment right in the middle of La Vina in the Old Town. There was not one but two extra rooms as well as a sofa bed. In addition, two toilets, a large living room with a dining area and a kitchen.

Back home, we had planned all the food we would buy at the food market, which is only a five minute walk from the apartment. That didn’t happen! The Old Town is packed with cheap tapas bars and restaurants and we ended up eating out every single night.

The apartment is also located right on the local beach La Caleta, loved by families and large groups. Still, the best thing about the apartment was the key box. With all the times we had to with for the owner to show up and let us in, is was excellent to be able to get into the apartment at our arrival. A bottle of wine and a box of chocolates stood waiting for us as we locked ourselves in. We will be back!

Read more about the apartment here: Precioso piso en La Caleta

How do you get to Cadiz?

If you can’t fly out to Jerez, the easiest way to get to Cadiz is by landing at Seville Airport. From Seville Airport, first take the airport bus to Santa Justa Train Station. In March 2022, the airport bus cost €4.

From Santa Justa Train Station in Seville, you can drive on to Cadiz. From Seville and to Cadiz it takes one hour and forty-five minutes by train. At the station you have to buy your tickets at the ticket office (Renfe), where you also have to show a passport before you can board the train. In March 2022, it was €17 from Seville to Cadiz, and the price includes a mandatory seat ticket.

If you want to save time, you can also buy tickets on the Omio app. Note that you still need to enter your passport information in the app.

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