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A holiday with children in Venice

How do you get the best holiday in Venice with kids? Here are a number of great tips on how to have a kids-friendly vacation in th beautiful laggon city. Here you can read about how to have the best holiday for the very young children, and there are also travel tips for the vacation with older children and teens. Finally, you also get a tip for the best place to stay in Venice when you are on holiday with children.

Tips for a holiday in Venice with toddlers and young kids

The amazing lagoon city is a place where you’ll need to do some walking! The city also consists of an infinite number of stone bridges with stairs that must be climbed, and this is something you should consider if you are bringing a toddler in a stroller. We saw few other tourists with small children, but the locals just carry the stroller up and down the bridges.

The children in the city are also diligent users of the veporetto, which are the smart harbor buses that will take you anywhere in the city. It’s an easy way to get around, but they get filled up quickly, and you can’t always be sure to board the fist one that comes along. Then you’ll just have to wait.

Another thing that needs to be considered before taking the kids on a vacation to Venice is that there are huge crowds. We visited Venice in September 2021, where the major tourist crowds had not yet returned. Still, on a normal year Venice gets 80,000 visitors – a day! The area around Piazza San Marco can be very crowded, but it is quite easy to get away from all the tourists. A five minutes walk up a small alley and then all the people are gone.

Do you need to pack a life jacket?

You should also re-consider Venice as a travel destination if you have a child in the run-away age. There are no railings down to the canals, and if you want to go for a involuntary swim, then it is quite easy. Looking after a child who is constantly being drawn to the water can be stressful. But that shouldn’t stop you from visiting the beautiful city.

There are lots of kids living in town who play football right next to the canal. If you have an adventurous child who would like to explore everything on their own two feet, secure the child in the stroller when you walk around – and then find one of the many open squares where there is room for play. You will find them especially in the Dorsaduro and Santa Croce neighborhoods, which you can read more about here: Where To Stay In Venice?

A holiday in Venice with older children and teens

For the older children and teenagers, Venice is a perfect city for a holiday. There are lots of interesting sights, plenty of shopping areas with both high street stores and local shops with masks and fans. Also, they will definitely think that the city itself with the many channels is fantastic. A short walk will quickly take many hours, because you have to constantly stop at the canal bridges and look at the beautiful view.

In terms of food, Venice doesn’t offer the same as Rome. Even kids who eat everything will probably still miss the Spaghetti Bolognese, or Spaghetti al ragù, as the spaghetti & meat sauce is called in Italy. But there are many delicious things to eat in Venice, also something that the kids definitely like.

It is possible to get a pizza in Venice, but due to the danger of fire, it is not allowed to bake it in a stone oven. So it’s not quite the same, but it still tastes good. Unfortunately, Venice also has many really bad restaurants. It can be tempting to go to the places that have pictures of food, making it easier for the children to choose – but don’t, that is not a good sign!

The best place to stay in Venice with kids

When this year’s vacation is to be planned, there may be some who would like to go to Tenerife, while others are all in for a city break with art and culture. Is it possible to have it all? In Venice it is! Here it is easy to combine a city break with a beach holiday, giving you the best holiday with children in Venice.

Venice consists of 118 islands, and a short boat ride away from St. Mark’s Square is the island of Lido. The island offers kilometers of sandy beaches, bathing trips in the Adriatic Sea and with hotel prices that are lower than in Venice. Here the days can be spent building sand castles and visiting the many cozy cafes. We were there in mid-September, where the water temperature was absolutely perfect and the beach was pretty empty. Note that Lido has both paid beaches and a free beach.

See all the nice family hotels on the beach holiday island Lido – click here!

Vaporetto lines 1, 5A, 5B and 11 sail around the clock and it is easy to go to Venice for a few hours every day. On the Lido there are real buses, not water buses, going around the island, and otherwise the island is only 1 km in width. The entire long sandy beach is filled with beautiful hotels, which you can search for here:

Where else to stay in Venice?

There are many other wonderful hotels in Venice, but where is the best place to stay if not on Lido? On you can see the large selection of hotels in Venice, and in the article Where to stay in Venice you can read more about where in Venice you should book your holiday. There are several romantic hotels for couples on the list, and you also get a really good tip if you are on holiday in Venice with kids.

How do you get to Venice?

Venice has two airports: Marco Polo Airport, 10 km from the city center, and Treviso Airport, 40 km north of Venice. If you land in Treviso, there are airport buses to Venice all day, which cost 12 euros (2021) for a single ticket. Read more here: Treviso Airport Shuttle Bus.

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