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Rome transportation – how to get around

Getting around in Rome is best done by foot! Although Rome is a big city, it is not bigger than you can walk across the inner city or from the Vatican to Termini in an hour. Otherwise, there are three metro lines, many buses and regional trains, taxis and trams that can take you around the city.

If you just want to visit the major sights in Rome, it can in no way be advised to rent a car. Although the Romans are good at making room for each other, the roads are already full, and you’ll struggle to find a parking space. On the other hand, getting around Rome by public transport is easy. Here you can read about how to get around Rome by metro, bus, tram and train.

Getting to and from the airport in Rome

Rome has two airports: Fiumicino and Ciampino. Leonardo da Vinci – Fiumicino Airport, as it is also called, is the largest and here where most tourists embark. Ciampino is the oldest and smallest and is mainly used by the low cost airlines.

If you arrive during the day, the airport bus is the cheapest way to get from both airports and to Termini, the main railway station. At you can book your tickets for the bus and choose whether you want to go to Termini or drive on to the Vatican City. Here the bus stops here at Engelsborg, about a quarter of an hour’s walk from St. Peter’s Basilica.

If you land in Fiumicino, you can also take the Leonardo Express high-speed train to Rome. From Ciampino you can catch bus number 520 to Cinecitta metro station and then drive on to Termini. Otherwise you can take a taxi from both airports. There is a fixed price around the clock of 48 euros from Fiumicino to the center and 30 euros from Ciampino. Agree on the fixed price with the driver before getting in the taxi. Read more about taxis further down.

How to get around in Rome – Plan your trip

If you are walking around to see the sights in Rome, the best tip is to leave the fancy shoes at home and pack a an extra pair of walking shoes. Although the local women elegantly trot off on top of the cobblestone street, you must have good travel insurance if you try to do the same.

Also remember to make an actual stop when checking things on your phone. Rome has many high curbs and lots of holes in the sidewalks. Otherwise it is easy to get around Rome by both metro, bus, tram and taxi. It is not recommended to cycle in Rome, except on Via Appia Antica.

When going from A to B in Rome, you’ll find good use in Google Maps planning your trip. Busses and metro lines are in the map, and you are always shown the fastest route.

You can also use ATAC to search for directions. Here you’ll find metro, bus, trams and regional trains lines. If you are already using Google Maps on your phone, this is preferable, as ATAC’s directions can be a bit vague.

Take the Metro in Rome

The subway of Rome is one of the smallest in Europe with only three lines, A, B and C. On the other hand, the metro gets you around to all the major sights. The red line A stops at the Vatican Museum (Cipro), St. Peter’s Basilica (Ottaviano), the Spanish Steps (Spagna) and the Trevi Fountain (Barberini).

The blue line B stops at the Colosseum (Colosseo) and the Pyramid (Pyramid). Both lines stop at Termini Central Station, so you can change. The green line C starts at Fiumicino Airport is under construction and is planned to go across the city. The section between Monte Compatri – Pantano and Lodi has already been opened. If you need a map of the metro in Rome, you can find it on the link here.

When you go by metro, you can buy a ticket that is valid for 100 minutes from the time you stamped it in the vending machine. This single ticket costs €1.50. If you are going around Rome for several days, you can also buy a 24-hour ticket for €6, a 3-day ticket for €16.50 and a weekly card for €24 at the ticket machine. (Prices are from 2020)

Take the Bus in Rome

In Rome there are over 350 bus lines that can take you anywhere in city. Bus tickets can be purchased at metro stations and in kiosks. Read more about buses in Rome.

Take the tram in Rome

Rome also has 6 tram lines, which you will encounter when walking around Trastevere. However, the trams do not run in the center or past the major attractions, and they are most convenient to use when you need to get around the different parts of the city. Read more about trams in Rome.

Long distance trains in Rome

If you are going on a trip outside Rome, maybe like many others to Pompeii, the regional trains, Trenitalia can take you anywhere in Italy. Note that when you click on the link to Trenitalia, you will enter directly into the search engine where you can plan your trip.

Take a taxi in Rome

If you are going around Rome by taxi, be aware that there are also illegal taxis driving around. Especially at the airport, they try to hijack customers and you have to be careful not to pay too much. The official taxis are white and have a taxi sign on top of the car. On the side of the taxi you will find an advertisement for the app it Taxi , which is very useful if you need to order a taxi.

The app is only in Italian, but easy to use. Enter your address and click on “richiedi ora”, which means book now. If you click on “prenota per dopo”, you can book a taxi at a later time.

Find a great hotel in Rome

On you get thousands of hotels to choose from when you search for accomodation in Rome. It can be difficult to choose – which hotel is actually the best hotel in Rome? Rome offers hotels in all price ranges, and here you get recommendations for good hotels in Rome, all of which can be booked through See more hotels by performing your own search here:

St Peter's View Apartment - Rom - SidderUnderEnPalme

The view from our apartment, St Peter’s View Apartment in Rome – click here to book!

An apartment in Rome for a family

On our last visit to Rome, we stayed in a beautiful apartment with the most amazing view of St. Peter’s Church. St Peter’s View Apartment is located a 10 minute walk from St. Peter’s Square. The apartment consists of two rooms, a living room, shower & toilet and a small kitchen.

However, we never got to use the kitchen! Just around the corner from the apartment is the small café Capitan Cono. Here we had our morning coffee every day and the crispiest croissants, and dinner was eaten at some of all the lovely restaurants in Rome. Read more about the apartment here: St Peter’s View Apartment

A holiday in a medieval defence tower

If you want a completely unique hotel experience, book a room in Residenza Torre Colonna. The tower was built in 1247 to protect the distinguished Colonna family and today houses an exclusive boutique hotel. The old medieval defense tower has five spacious rooms and is located right in the center right next to all the major sights.

Bring your breakfast up on the small roof terrace and enjoy the view of the very oldest part of the city. Residenza Torre Colonna is a hotel for those who want to be in the middle of history, but with a spa and air conditioning.

An affordable hotel in quirky Trastevere

On the other side of the Tiber lies Trastevere, an area that offers plenty of good restaurants and bars. Within walking distance of Campo de ‘Fiori you will find an affordable guest house, Relais Le Clarisse. The small and charming B&B was formerly a convent belonging to the Order of Le Clarisse.

For a small fee, you can have breakfast in the old herb garden of the nunnery, under the shady olive and citrus trees. Right in front of the hotel there are both buses and trams, ready to transport you right to the city center. Relais Le Clarisse is for you who want to stay on a budget in the middle of the historic city life of Trastevere.

See more great hotels in Rome here on!

How do you get to Rome?

Rome has two airports: Ciampino and Fiumicino. Ciampino is the oldest and smallest and is mainly used by the low cost airlines. Fiumicino is the largest, with more than 25 million passangers every year. Both airports are located south of the city, but at different ends, so remember to take the location of the airport into account when booking your hotel in Rome.

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