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There are lots of interesting sights in Odense – and then of course it is the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen! In addition, Odense is also known for the music festival Tinderbox, which is held in June, HC Andersen’s festivals in August and Magic Days Odense which takes place during the autumn holidays in October.

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H.C. Andersen’s House is without a doubt one of the most visited sights in Odense, and indeed in all of Denmark. In the small, yellow house on the corner, H.C. Andersen was born in what was then the slum quarter of Odense. Today, the museum houses an exhibition where you can visit the small living rooms, trying to imagine what it was like to live here in the time of Hans Christian Andersen.

The birth place of Hans Christian Andersen is just one of many adventures you can have with the world famous author in Odense. You can also visit H.C. Andersen’s Childhood Home in Munkemøllestræde, H.C. Andersen Museum and Ville Vau with Fairy Tale Land. Here both children and adults can enjoy the animation of the beautiful stories and even dress up in fancy costumes. The Fairy Tale Land consists of different rooms each with their own theme, filled with exciting props and costumes to arrange and dress up in.


Brandts Klædefabrik, or Art Museum Brandts, as it is also called, was originally a factory that made textiles. In the old spinning mills there is today an art museum, cinema and restaurants, and here in the middle of the city the locals meet in for cultural experiences and good food. Let yourself be captivated by the changing exhibitions in Kunstmuseum Brandts, or just take a walk in the city within the city and look at the beautiful buildings.


Since 1930, there has been a Zoo in Odense, and in the last 20 years, Odense ZOO has developed a lot. From being a partial amusement park with a children’s circus, you can today meet animals from all over the world.

Take a walk in the African savannah area where you can enjoy the sight of large African birds in the tall grass and see zebras and ostriches on the savannah. Or walk through South America with the manatee Maren in the jungle to the penguins of cold Antarctica. There is plenty to see for both children and adults.


The art building Filosoffen is located next to Odense Å and the city park, Munke Mose. The building is in itself a small work of art, and inside you can see changing exhibitions of art and design. Also go for a walk in Munke Mose, the recreational nature area in the city center. Here you can meet the local Odense residents for a football match and a beer, or you can go for a walk on the island.


If you need to rest your legs, you can get on Aarfartens Turbåde, which takes you on a wonderful sailing trip on Odense Å. The old excursion boats also offer fun events with concerts or a Gin & Tonic Cruise. You can see the many events and buy tickets here.


The Danish Railway Museum is a train museum for both train nerds and all of us who just love to a train ride. Here you can take a journey through the history of the train, from the first railway in Denmark over the now retired train ferries and to a trip with the Magic Train during the Magic Days in Odense.


The Funen Village tells the story of daily life in the 19th century, as it was lived on Funen. In the living exhibitions with activities and workshops, the story is brought to life. All buildings are taken from villages in and around Odense and are continuously maintained as in the old days. In The Funen Village you can also meet the farm animals and help harvest the crops.


On a hot day a swim is much needed. The locals like to drive to the beaches at Hasmark and Kerteminde, but just as many go for a swim in Odense Harbour Bath. The beautiful, new harbor bath in the old industrial harbor was inaugurated in 2016 and can accommodate 300 bathing guests at a time. There are changing rooms, showers and a sauna.


There are many beautiful hotels in and around Odense, so where should you stay? On Booking.com you can see the large selection of hotels in Odense. If you come by train, it’s advisable to book a hotel located within Ring 2, O2. Here you live in walking or cycling distance to most sights. If you come by car, it is not difficult to find a parking space compared to other large cities. Many hotels have their own parking space, and otherwise the city center offers a number of parking basements and parking spaces.

Odense offers hotels in all price ranges. Do your own search here or read the recommendations for good hotels below:



Milling Hotel Plaza is close to restaurants, the shopping streets and the train station. The hotel itself is a gem, with the charming décor of what is considered one of Odense’s oldest and most beautiful hotels. The characteristic hotel building from 1916 is tastefully decorated in old English style with deep leather sofas, heavy wooden furniture and floral rugs. Here you get an exquisite service from the friendly staff, so much as it becomes difficult to get up and go out to see some of all the sights in Odense.

Milling Hotels is a family-owned hotel chain, which in Odense also includes Milling Hotel Ansgar, Milling Hotel Windsor and Milling Hotel Mini 19.


If you want to live even closer to H.C. Andersen’s House, in fact almost as the nearest neighbor, then you should choose Comwell HC Andersen Odense. The hotel is centrally located in the cozy and quiet HC Andersen district, a few minutes walk from Odense Train Station and only 15 minutes drive from the Funen motorway E20. Here you can explore the historic district with the small shops, go to a concert in the ODEON or walk the short way into the shopping streets. Comwell HC Andersen Odense is a fairly new hotel with 157 fine and recently renovated rooms with all modern comforts.


If you have always dreamed of sleeping in a medieval castle, then Broholm Castle is a 45 minutes drive south-east of Odense, 15 minutes from Svendborg and 30 minutes from Nyborg. Here you can stay in a rural setting in the beautiful castle, which dates from the 12th century. The castle has been owned by the same family for 13 generations and is located in Gudme on South Funen. In the castle park there is a moat, a watermill and a lake, and the rooms are beautifully decorated, worthy of both princes and princesses!

A holiday at Broholm Castle is a good starting point for a visit to Odense and the rest of the beautiful sights on Funen.

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