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You probably remember the iconic scene where Julia Robert goes shopping in the upscale shops on Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive. If you aren’t on holiday with Richard Gere and a fully charged VISA card, then it is nice to know that there are other good and more affordable shopping areas in Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, however, there is not a city center where all the shops are located, as you know it from many European cities. Instead, you will find the shops in malls or on the main streets around the different parts of the city.

If you are going shopping in Los Angeles, it is therefore a good idea to prepare the trip from home. Find out where you are going and then write down metro lines, streets names and the names of the shops, you want to visit.


If you can’t get enough of shopping, there are many large shopping malls in Los Angeles where you can enjoy the air-conditioning while shopping in all the well-known chain stores, Levi’s, Nike, H&M, Zara and Forever 21.

Citadel Outlets

Citadel Outlets is a shopping village, as you will find it in many cities across the world. In the many houses you can buy shoes and clothing in last year’s color at a sale price, often half the normal price. There is good money to be saved on all the well known brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, Levi’s, Calvin Klein and Disney.

There are a lot of good offers – and all the other tourists have found out too! Therefore, come early or late, because there are a lot of people. It is not particularly cozy, but the large food court with the many restaurants fortunately provides a much-needed break!

From Downtown, a shuttle bus runs directly to Citadel Outlets. You can find the stops by clicking on the link here: Citadel Outlets Express.

The Grove

The Grove is a very popular shopping area in Fairfax, Los Angeles. Especially around Christmas time, the atmosphere becomes completely Disney-like, and in the summer you can enjoy the large open area with the many restaurants. Here you will find all the well-known chain stores and shops.

If you need a break, you can take The Grove Trolley, a converted tram, from The Grove to the Los Angeles Farmer’s Market, where culinary experiences from around the world await you.


Around Los Angeles you will also find the popular department store Nordstrom. On the different floors you can find exclusive branded items with everything in women’s clothing, clothing for men and children, shoes and home furnishings.


There are also good opportunities for shopping around the different parts of the city. You probably already know The Sunset Strip, but Santa Monica and Venice also offer many nice shops. Go shopping in the different parts of the city here:

The Sunset Strip

The Sunset Strip, which you will find on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, is actually best known for its nightlife. But between the many bars, venues and restaurants you will also find good shops, such as Armani and H&M. Visit Sunset Plaza, where you will find a lively area with many good restaurants and shops.

Shopping in Downtown

Downtown offers many cool shops, especially in the square that is made up of 7th and 11th streets as well as Wall Street and South Main Street. On South Figueroa Street you will also find a smaller shopping center, FIGat7th, with H&M, Target. Victoria’s Secret and Pink.

If you love to read books, do not deceive yourself for a visit to the bookstore The Last Bookstore. In California’s largest bookstore you will find both new and used books as well as vinyl records. There are many hours of entertainment in the book maze and fine art exhibitions.

Shopping in Santa Monica

Also visit Santa Monica for the great shopping opportunities right at the subway terminus. Behind the Santa Monica Place Mall is the cozy Third Street Promenade, where you can find Levi’s, Nike, Zara, Victoria’s Secret and all the other popular chain stores. Just around the corner is another large bookstore, Bookmonster, with both new and used books.

Shopping in Venice

Along the beach promenade in Venice Beach there are quirky and fun shops with everything from beach towels and pinup swimsuits to crafts and t-shirts with print. At Abbott Kinnet Boulevard you will find many great artisan shops with clothes from local designers.


Clothes, clothes and more clothes. If you save the entire year’s clothing budget to use on a holiday in Los Angeles, the savings can easily pay for the plane ticket. In other words, there is a lot of money to be saved, especially on the brands that we consider expensive here in Europe. There are plenty of offers on Tommy Hilfiger and Levi’s, among others.

The same goes for underwear, sportswear and shoes. Books are also cheap, so if you have room in your suitcase, you can take home the latest publications.


Finally, a little tip, for those of you who think you can probably save even more money by buying clothes and souvenirs at LAX, the airport in Los Angeles. But don’t, it’s a really bad idea! There are very few shops in the international terminal (Tom Bradley International Terminal, Terminal 6) and what you can buy is quite expensive. So do your shopping in Los Angeles – and eat before you take off too. There are only expensive and not very good restaurants in the departure hall.


One of the really big items in the budget for a trip to Los Angeles is the accomodation. Are you looking for an affordable hotel in Los Angeles on, you will see that the city has hotels in all price ranges, but in general the city is expensive to stay in. It takes a bit of effort to find affordable accommodation in Los Angeles, but it is not impossible.

If you are going on holiday in Los Angeles in the summer, it is also nice to have a swimming pool at the hotel. The city can be quite hot, and then it is nice to be able to cool off in the pool. Here are a few recommendations for good hotels in Los Angeles that are affordable – and with a swimming pool. The hotels and the appartment can be booked directly through See more hotels by doing your own search here:


When we were going to Los Angeles, we asked friends and family if they could recommend a good hotel in the city. Trine’s sister and brother-in-law had stayed at The Garland Hotel the year before – which they really liked. They said: It’s a bit expensive, but worth every dollar! Here yo can take a dip in the swimming pool, eat a Nutella toast for breakfast and get a good nights sleep in the large Queen beds that are big enough for two. There is a free shuttle bus to Universal Studios. The hotel is located in the northeastern part of Los Angeles, close to the freeway, so it is easy to get around the city by car.

Read more about the hotel here: The Garland Hotel


One of our friends recommended a good and affordable hotel close to Hollywood Boulevard, The Adler a Hollywood Hills Hotel. Here you live with Hollywood Boulevard just around the corner and close to both the subway (Hollywood / Vine) and the exit to the freeway. The hotel has its own swimming pool, and there is a refrigerator and microwave in the room. In the same building you will also find The 101 Coffee Shop, an authentic diner with the best breakfast menu.

Read more about the hotel here: The Adler a Hollywood Hills Hotel


Along with the recommendations, we searched around ourselves and eventually found a really nice apartment in Downtown LA. The apartment in Wilshire Apartments met all our needs for location and comfort. The apartment consisted of a room and a combined living room / kitchen, where the living room had a sofa bed. There was a well equipped kitchen with dishwasher, washer and dryer and TV with the very large TV package.

Upstairs in the other building was the swimming pool and gym, which we had free access to, and a free space in the parking basement was also reserved for us. Just across the road is a large supermarket as well as a Starbucks (with WIFI!).

Read more about the apartment here: Wilshire Apartments

See more great hotel in Los Angeles on – click here!

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