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Where to eat in Milan?

Milan offers many great restaurants, in fact, it’s hard to find a restaurant that doesn’t serve a good meal. The food in Milan is very traditional, and in any menu you’ll find Risotto alla Milanese, Ossobucco and Cotoletta – and then of course pizza!

Even though Milan isn’t that big after all, is has a disproportionate number of good restaurants, and it can be difficult to pick out a few restaurants that you just have to visit. Still, here are a few tips for unique dining experiences in Milan that you have to try. And do remember to book a table, especially on Friday and Saturday evenings – and do it from home well in advance.

About the recommendations for good restaurants in Milan

Before we take you to the good restaurants in Milan, however, it is appropriate to tell you about what dining experiences we usually go for – so you can decide if you want to follow our recommendations.

We love to eat well and restaurant visits are usually a big part of our vacations. We don’t necessarily eat at expensive restaurants, but always authentic and with local ingredients. We are also always on the hunt for the great dining experiences and prefer to eat something we have never tasted before.

Good restaurants in Milan


In Italy, breakfast is often a quick espresso and a croissant, standing up in a small coffee shop. And it’s indeed a good idea to whet your appetite for lunch at Obicà, which you find on top of the La Rinascente shopping center. In the mozzarella bar you can either choose to sit out the terrace overlooking the impressive Duomo di Milano or try to get a seat in the bar.

Enethough the terrace is nice, it’s nothing compared to the mozzarella show you can view from the bar! Mozzarella balls as big as footballs are served and brought out to one of the many groups of locals, where guests eagerly and eloquently share it. If that’s too much, order a normal sized buffalo mozzarella. If you have room for it, also try their Gnocchi con burrata e verdure, gnocchi in a delicious and tasty cheese sauce.

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Happy Hour in Milan

Start the evening as the Milanese with the Happy Hour. The name is a bit misleading, because it’s not just one happy hour, but several! From late afternoon until 20-21, where the locals start thinking about dinner, many bars, cafes and restaurants offer Happy Hour. For a few euros you’ll get a glass of wine and access to a small buffet with snacks. It can be nuts, chips, olives and antipasti, small appetizers.

Trattoria Milanese

If you don’t know where tonight’s big dinner should be eaten, then head out to the canal area, Navigli. The area is full of restaurants and bars, in fact, there are so many that it can be difficult to choose. Luckily that gives you a good reason to come back to Milan again another time.

A place where you should definitely order a meal is at the acclaimed Trattoria Milanese. The restaurant is located just on the corner where the two main canals meet, and here it has been since 1933. At Trattoria Milanese, they make a Risotto alla Milanese, which it was meant to taste. Creamy, velvety soft and with just the right saffron-golden color. If you have room for more, their Tiramisu can also really be recommended.

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StraRipa Bar Art & Friends

As promised, you’ll also get a great tip for cocktails here. In the middle of all the other bars selling cheap bottled beers to the students lies a gem of a cocktail bar. Again, ask for a seat in the bar, so you can watch the bartender make his magic with tiny rosebuds, pipettes and cocktail shakers.

It’s not at StraRipa bar, you order the cheapest gin and tonic! Let yourself be inspired by the large cocktail card or have one of the many waiters help you choose. The bar also offers a larger selection of delicious snacks.

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Ristorante Controvento Milano

If you want to try something else of what Milan can also offer, Ristorante Controvento is worth a visit. Here you get small and large gourmet experiences that take you on a tour of Lombardy. Try the delicious squash flowers with ricotta cheese and truffle or a black risotto, colored with squid ink. The wine cellar is large and there is a separate smoking room.

If you are looking for a place for a good business dinner, or you have gone to Milan to celebrate a birthday or wedding anniversary, then Ristorante Controvento is the right place for it.

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Find a good hotel in Milan

There are many wonderful hotels in Milan, the city of fashion! So where are you going to live? On you can see the large selection of hotels in Milan, and here you get a tip for a good hotel. See all hotels in Milan on by performing your own search here:

A recommendation: UNAHOTELS Scandinavia Milano

Milan is an expensive city to be a tourist in, and so are the hotels! Here you get a recommendation for a hotel that is affordable and where you can stay in peace for the traffic and the large tourist crowds.

Within walking distance of the train station and with a five minute walk to the nearest metro, UNAHOTELS Scandinavia Milano is in a quiet neighborhood with many good restaurants. From the outside, the hotel looks very modern, but when you step in, it’s like stepping into a time pocket from a Bellini movie. The beautiful marble panels mirror the golden columns and the curved wrought iron railings, and the whole hotel exudes luxury and elegance. The rooms have soft beds, the hoterllet offers a wonderful breakfast buffet, and then it’s clean!

UNAHOTELS Scandinavia Milano is a hotel for you who want to stay close to the center of a charming luxury hotel that is affordable!

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