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Where to eat in Reykjavik?

Are you looking for great restaurants in Reykjavik? The capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, has everything a metropolis should contain and thus also a wealth of good restaurants. In Iceland you eat well, and many restaurants have a “tasting menu”, where tourists can taste the delicacies of the island: whale, lamb and seafood in all shapes and sizes.

Wherever you go, it is recommended that you book a table. If you go out on a Friday or Saturday night, everything is busy at most restaurants in Reykjavik. On other days of the week, cefes, bars and restaurants are filled with tourists and locals. So, head into the restaurant in the middle of the day and announce your arrival. In many restaurants it is also possible to book a table via the website.

About the recommendations for restaurants in Reykjavik

Before we take you to the best restaurants in Reykjavik, however, it is appropriate to tell a little about what restaurants we usually go for – so you can decide if you want to follow our recommendations.

We love to eat well and restaurant visits are usually a big part of our vacations. We don’t necessarily eat expensive, but always locally and with local ingredients. We are also always on the hunt for new culinary adventures and prefer to eat something we have never tasted before.

Bon appetite!

Great restaurants in Reykjavik


One of the restaurants in Reykjavik that tourists never find is located in the market hall Mathöll. At the end of the pedestrian street, by the bus station with local buses, lies Hlemmur Mathöll. From the outside, it looks like a cafeteria at any other bus station, but if you go inside, you will find a food temple.

In Hlemmur you can eat your way around Iceland. The restaurant focuses on local ingredients and serves traditional Icelandic dishes. Try the well-seasoned lamb meatballs with mashed potatoes or the more exotic and local Plokkfiskur, a fish stew with white fish and mashed potatoes. Both dishes are unique in taste and definitely worth a go.

Reykjavik Fish Restaurant

If you are looking for a quick lunch then go down to the harbor. Here you eat well in Reykjavik Fish Restaurant. As the name suggests, freshly caught fish with crispy potatoes chips is served here. The menu also offers other delicious things – today’s fish or fish soup – and have the waffles for dessert.

Apotek restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Reykjavik is loacted in the shopping streets, which starts in Austurstræti and continues to the west. Apotek is one of the city’s finest restaurants, and here you should put on your best set of clothes. Icelanders generally dress nicely to go out, and you will stand out from the crowd if you show up in jeans and sneakers.

At Apotek you will find a tasting menu where you can taste all the most delicacies that Iceland can offer. Smoked whale, lamb tartar and a skyr dessert are just some of the specialities are served her, varying according to the season. Of course, the menu starts with an Icelandic schnapps!

Forréttabarinn – The starter bar

Forréttabarinn is an unpretentious, but hip restaurant on the harbor. As you may have already guessed from the name, only starters are served here, in small and larger portions. It can be more than difficult to choose from the many gourmet, all with a local touch.

If you don’t have the great and overwhelming love for the Icelandic horses, try a dish with horse in it. Otherwise, there are many other great meals on the menu: How about a freshly caught mountain trout? Whatever you choose, you’re in for a pleasant surprise!


Whether you are going on holiday in Reykjavik or just want to visit the city on a short weekend trip, there are many lovely hotels in the city. Here are a few recommendations for great hotels in Reykjavik, all of which can be booked through See more hotels by doing your own search here:


The glossy black glass façade reflects the northern lights and gives a hint of what to expect from one of the city’s most luxurious hotels, the Black Pearl Apartment Hotel. The hotel offers 16 apartments, divided into standard rooms, suites and penthouses. All are tastefully decorated in the light, Scandinavian style and furnished with a kitchen. Here is all the luxury you could wish for – but space to work and the opportunity to make yourself a cup of coffee whenever you want!

The hotel is right on the harbor and just a few minutes walk from the best restaurants and bars. From Black Pearl, you can drive directly onto the ring road that takes you out of town.

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Already early in the morning there is a crowd at the buffet, which serves a basic, but good breakfast – coffee, bread, cold cuts, oatmeal and cakes. The tourists who stay at the Storm Hotel are all heading out for the sights with not a momet to waste, and the large tourist buses leave the area outside the hotel all morning.

The location a little outside the center by one of the major highways is good for you who want to explore the sights in Iceland. Also for guests going into Reykjavik, the hotel is well located. It is placed about a 15-minute walk from the city center, at the end of the long shopping street. With an umbrella or raincoat you can easily walk back and forth.

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Right in the center and as close as you can get to most bars and restaurants in Reykjavik is LOFT Hostel. At the hostel you mainly meet young people for whom a bed and good company are all that matters. At LOFT Hostel you can choose between sleeping in a bunk bed in the dormitory or book your own private room. No matter how you decide to sleep, there is access to the popular roof terrace overlooking Hallgrimskirken. A wonderful accommodation location for you who want to meet other young people!

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