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Are you looking for the best bars in Reykjavik? In Reykjavik, there is a party going on all week, and you are invited! Even if you’re not a heavy drinker, you can’t help but get infected by the atmosphere. Just on a fairly ordinary Tuesday in September, there are people in all the pubs and bars.

Especially on Friday and Saturday, happy people fill the sidewalks of the shopping street in Reykjavik. Of course, some of them are the many tourists who come to visit Iceland, but the locals use their city to a great extent to meet each other and start a party.

Maybe you have even already heard of the world famous Kaffibarinn? However, the small place quickly fills up – and mostly with tourists who want to see the place. However, there are many other pubs in the city where there are less crowded, and here you can read about the best places. With this guide you can take a tour of Reykjavik’s nightlife, which offers both local beers and classic cocktails.


Reykjavik’s nightlife has a lot to offer, so don’t limit yourself to one place. Take a tour of the lively bars in Reykjavik – in the classic Icelandic style with one drink at each place throughout the night.

And a small side note: Alcohol is very expensive in Iceland, but you can download the app AppyHour, which shows the way to offers and happy hours on all the great bars in Reykjavik.


Start at Lebowski Bar, and yes as you have probably guessed, it’s the one Lebowski, The Big Lebowski. The bar is decorated with great inspiration from the film, with a bowling alley on the wall and pins on the beer taps.

White Russians are served in many variations, like an “El Duderino” with tequila, Grand Marnier, cream and cardamom. Or how about a “Woke Up in Russia” that comes with a painkiller?


Opposite is Frederiksen Ale House, a nice bar that serves draft beer, cocktails and snacks as you know them from other gastropubs. Try ordering “a set” and enjoy the tasty local Viking White Ale together with a mug with 12 pieces of double-smoked bacon on the table. Bon appetite!


Also, pop around to The Dubliner. If you’ve been to just a single Irish pub before, you know the drill: lots of beer, partying and drinking songs. The cool DJ with the – even for Icelandic conditions – impressive beard plays music from the eighties, the wheel of fortune spins, and the guests walk with large beer mugs back and forth between the bar and the outdoor smoking room.

If you are looking for a great party, this is definitely the place to go!


End the evening at Ölstofan, a small, cozy side street bar. From the outside, it doesn’t make a big deal of itself, but you are guaranteed to feel at home the moment you step inside.

The guests are 30+, the good music is only turned up so high that you can still talk to each other, and there is no dance floor – just talking and laughter among the exclusively local guests. Here you drink beer and do remember to ask for the house beer, Brió, which won the World Beer Cup in 2012. The audience is mainly musicians, artists and others from the creative class, but tourists are welcomed.


Whether you are going on holiday in Reykjavik or just want to visit the city on a short weekend trip, there are many lovely hotels in the city. Here are a few recommendations for great hotels in Reykjavik, all of which can be booked through See more hotels by doing your own search here:


The glossy black glass façade reflects the northern lights and gives a hint of what to expect from one of the city’s most luxurious hotels, the Black Pearl Apartment Hotel. The hotel offers 16 apartments, divided into standard rooms, suites and penthouses. All are tastefully decorated in the light, Scandinavian style and furnished with a kitchen. Here is all the luxury you could wish for – but space to work and the opportunity to make yourself a cup of coffee whenever you want!

The hotel is right on the harbor and just a few minutes walk from the best restaurants and bars. From Black Pearl, you can drive directly onto the ring road that takes you out of town.

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Already early in the morning there is a crowd at the buffet, which serves a basic, but good breakfast – coffee, bread, cold cuts, oatmeal and cakes. The tourists who stay at the Storm Hotel are all heading out for the sights with not a momet to waste, and the large tourist buses leave the area outside the hotel all morning.

The location a little outside the center by one of the major highways is good for you who want to explore the sights in Iceland. Also for guests going into Reykjavik, the hotel is well located. It is placed about a 15-minute walk from the city center, at the end of the long shopping street. With an umbrella or raincoat you can easily walk back and forth.

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Right in the center and as close as you can get to most bars and restaurants in Reykjavik is LOFT Hostel. At the hostel you mainly meet young people for whom a bed and good company are all that matters. At LOFT Hostel you can choose between sleeping in a bunk bed in the dormitory or book your own private room. No matter how you decide to sleep, there is access to the popular roof terrace overlooking Hallgrimskirken. A wonderful accommodation location for you who want to meet other young people!

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