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Where and what to eat on Langeland

There are many wonderful restaurants on Langeland but where – and what – should you eat? All the way around Langeland is the best fishing water, so when on Langeland, you must of course eat fish. Try a fresh trout or shrimp that is gathered here in the shallow water. You can buy fresh fish at Fiski in Bagenkop, where you can also order the famous fish layer cake.

All over Langeland, fresh fruit, vegetable jams and honey are produced. If you want a souvenir to take home, you can find small stands out by the roadside with all the delicious goods. And on Langeland, people trust each other, so you just take what you need and put the agreed amount in the piggie bank.

With these words you get here a guide to the best restaurants on Langeland:

Bagenkop Kro

Bagenkop Kro on Sydlangeland is famous for their fish buffet. The sumptuous buffet has everything in local seafood. Bagenkop Kro also has an à la carte menu, where you can get good inn classics such as fresh plaice or an English steak.

Kædeby Caféen

In the small village Kædeby lies Kædeby Caféen. Guests come from far and wide to eat the restaurant’s take on wienerschnitzel, which here fills most of a large dinner plate. The Wienerschnitzl is served with brown sauce – and it tastes heavenly. Kædeby Caféen also has a large menu for children.

Skovsgaard Café and Farm Shop

Skovsgaard Café and Farm Shop is located just east of Lindelse. In the café you can buy organic food and cake as well as organic beer and soft drinks. The farm shop sells organic meat and vegetables.


In one of Rudkøbing’s small, charming streets, one of the town’s oldest pubs has been transformed into the coziest little eatery. At Gaardhaven you can get tapas, good beers, fine wine and a fantastic atmosphere in the open courtyard.

Rudkøbing Skudehavn

The restaurant at Hotel Rudkøbing Skudehavn is located overlooking the bridge to Langeland. The main theme of the restaurant is fish, which you will find both on the popular fishing plate and in several dishes on the menu. In the summer, the restaurant also offers a buffet.

Restaurant Generalen – Picharts

In Tranekær you can dine at Restaurant Generalen, which serves gourmet food with local ingredients. The restaurant is named after Lensgreve Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig, who built many of the houses in the small village. In the original mansion, the menu is composed with inspiration from the Langeland country kitchen and the cookbook by C. Jacobsen, who was the General’s head chef at Tranekær Castle.

Restaurant KAOS

Restaurant KAOS in Lohals is an exquisite experience. Here you are served fresh and local ingredients from Langeland and also great wines. Try the set menu or the tapas board for lunch and enjoy the professional service in lovely surroundings. Highly recommended if you appreciate good quality.

Find a great hotel on Langeland

There are many holiday homes on Langeland, but why not book a completely stress-free summer holiday where you do not have to take care of cooking and cleaning yourself? Here you get recommendations for good hotels on Langeland. All can be booked directly through See more hotels and holiday homes on Langeland by doing your own search here:

Broløke Herregård

At the southern tip of Langeland, a short trip from Bagenkop, you can stay in the newly renovated manor house, Broløkke Herregård. In the hotel you can stay in either holiday apartments, hotel rooms or suites with bathtubs. All the rooms in the main building are decorated with their own style of unique vintage decoration on the walls, and where you can enjoy the view of fantastic wood carvings, various wallpapers and murals.

The rest of the manor house is still under construction, and in 2022 an event hall will be opened with room for 300 guests. In the autumn / winter, a spa house will be built with a gym and many opportunities for wellness.

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Hotel Rudkøbing Skudehavn

When you drive across Langelandsbroen, one of the first thing you’ll notice is Hotel Rudkøbing Skudehavn. The colorful holiday homes are located right next to the marina, where the sailing tourists have moored their boats. At Hotel Rudkøbing Skudehavn you can choose to stay in one of the hotel rooms or in a holiday apartment.

The holiday apartments have either a balcony or terrace, most with views over the Langelandsbæltet. The hotel has its own restaurant where you eat well. From the hotel there is a short walk up into the city or to the harbor, where the ferries can take you on several adventures to the islands of Ærø and Strynø.

Read more here: Hotel Rudkøbing Skudehavn

Tranekær Slotskro

North of Rudkøbing is the village Tranekær. As you drive through the city, you will probably notice that many of the houses are alike. Count Frederik Ahlefeldt Laurvig, called ‘The General’, was landowner at Tranekær Castle from 1791-1832. During that period, he transformed the small village according to the model of the German principalities and built both factories, a theater and also Gæstgivergården, which today houses Tranekær Slotskro. The inn has 12 rooms and 1 suite, and here you live the Langeland village life, within walking distance of Tranekær Castle and TICKON Park.

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