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What to see and do on Langeland?

There are lots of interesting and fascinating sights on Langeland. A holiday on the long island offers lots of experiences in nature and on the water – and endless ways to relax! Take a trip on the island from south to north and read about all the sights on Langeland that you just have to see. Here you get lots of inspiration for fantastic experiences and sights on Langeland.

Some of the links are only in Danish, but you can easily run them through Google Translate. Insert the link in the “Danish” field and choose your language, then click the link.

8 must-see sights on Langeland

The Cold War Museum Langelandsfortet

The Cold War Museum Langelandsfortet is located at Bagenkop on the southern tip of Langeland. In the large area you can explore the historic fort that was built after World War II. During the Cold War, soldiers at the fort guarded the seas around Langeland and made sure that no enemy ships entered the waters. Today you can go underground into the bunkers and visit the big submarine.

The wild horses

While in South Langeland you also have to see the wild horses. The horses found their home on Langeland in 2006 and are of the breed Exmoor pony. You will find the wild horses on Langeland at Dovns Klint at Gulstav and Klise Nor just outside Bagenkop.

The horses live by themselves with the least possible interference from humans. It is a fantastic sight when the herd comes roaring down the hills and then suddenly stops and grazes at fields.

The beaches

Langeland has some of the best beaches in all of Denmark. Although the major tourist destinations often claim the honor, it is here on the island that you will find wast sandy beaches and clear blue water. From all over Funen, people take a daytrip to Ristinge to go swimming.

Hesselbjerg Stand has a jetty and a small kiosk, while Cementfabrikken has the best sandy beach. The village of Ristinge itself also offers a lovely beach. At Spodsbjerg, the water is shallow and child-friendly, while in Rudkøbing you can swim from the bathing house.

NB! If you are not used to swimming in the sea, pay attention to where the wind comes from. If there is offshore wind, leave bathing rings and air mattresses at home. Every year, the Sea Rescue Service has to save tourists who wasn’t aware of the weather conditions.


East of Lindelse on South Langeland is the beautiful, old manor house Skovsgaard. Skovsgaard’s last owner, Ellen Fuglede, testamented the farm to the Danish Nature Foundation in 1979, which today has the task of preserving the unique manor landscape. At Skovsgård you can visit the many exhibitions, all based on the time when Ellen Fuglede and her family ran the estate.

Go for a walk in the beautiful landscape and take part in the lively dissemination of the organic visitor farms with museums and exhibitions arranged in the main building and in several of Skovsgaard’s other buildings.

The art towers on Langeland

12 former electrical transformer towers have today become small art museums with changing exhibitions. The first of the Langeland Art Towers was inaugurated in 2003, and from south to north you can enjoy artists from all over Langeland who exhibit in the towers free of charge. The second Saturday in June is Tower Singer Day, where 12 choirs perform at the various towers.

The Old Pharmacy in Rudkøbing

Behind the gate in Brogade hides a gem among pharmacies. In Det Gamle Apotek you can explore all the old pharmacy items, including crushed mummy and dragon blood, and in the annex see how the drugs were made in the old days.

Rudkøbing Apotek was also a childhood home for the Ørsted brothers, where the father was a pharmacist from 1775. The youngest Anders Sandøe Ørsted became Denmark’s 3rd Prime Minister, while the oldest and famous brother became a scientist. HC Ørsted is today credited with the discovery of electromagnetism.

Take a walk on Øhavsstien

If you feel like being active, take a walk on Øhavsstien, The Archipelago Trail. The path is a 220 kilometer walkway through the South Funen landscape and takes you around South Funen and to the small islands in the South Funen Archipelago.

If you click on the link, there are suggestions for different day trips, but the trail can also be a hiking holiday in itself. On Langeland you can walk on Øhavsstien from Rudkøbing over Spodsbjerg and Stengade Skov and all the way up to Lohals. Read more about our adventures and tips for hiking on Øhavsstien here: Hiking On The Archipelago Trail, South Funen – Tours and Tips

Tranekær Castle and TICKON Park

As you drive through Tranekær, you will probably notice that many of the houses look alike. Count Frederik Ahlefeldt Laurvig, called ‘The General’, was the landowner at Tranekær Castle from 1791-1832. During that period, he transformed the small village after the model of the German principalities and built factories, a theater and a school. The beautiful, red Tranekær Castle is located at the northern end of the town. Special tours are arranged at the castle – see under Tours – but you can always go for a walk in the Castle Park.

The Castle Park is a living museum, or perishable, if you will. All the works of art in the TICKON park are created from organic materials, wood, soil and stone. The works are part of nature’s cycle, and over time they change form before they completely disappear. The art form is called ‘Land art’, and 20 Danish and international artists have contributed to the large and small works of art in the park.

A short distance away at Stengade Skov is what, according to tradition, is supposed to be ‘Oehlenschläger’s beech’. Oehlenschläger  (1779 – 1850) was a Danish poet, who wrote the national athem “Der er et yndigt land” / “There is a lovely country”,  supposedly at this very beach. Whether this is true or not, nobody knows for sure, but it is true that you can still enjoy the big, beautiful beech tree, which the song is about.

Find a great hotel on Langeland

There are many holiday homes on Langeland, but why not book a completely stress-free summer holiday where you do not have to take care of cooking and cleaning yourself? Here you get recommendations for good hotels on Langeland. All can be booked directly through Booking.com. See more hotels and holiday homes on Langeland by doing your own search here:


Broløke Herregård

At the southern tip of Langeland, a short trip from Bagenkop, you can stay in the newly renovated manor house, Broløkke Herregård. In the hotel you can stay in either holiday apartments, hotel rooms or suites with bathtubs. All the rooms in the main building are decorated with their own style of unique vintage decoration on the walls, and where you can enjoy the view of fantastic wood carvings, various wallpapers and murals.

The rest of the manor house is still under construction, and in 2022 an event hall will be opened with room for 300 guests. In the autumn / winter, a spa house will be built with a gym and many opportunities for wellness.

Read more here: Broløkke Herregård

Hotel Rudkøbing Skudehavn

When you drive across Langelandsbroen, one of the first thing you’ll notice is Hotel Rudkøbing Skudehavn. The colorful holiday homes are located right next to the marina, where the sailing tourists have moored their boats. At Hotel Rudkøbing Skudehavn you can choose to stay in one of the hotel rooms or in a holiday apartment.

The holiday apartments have either a balcony or terrace, most with views over the Langelandsbæltet. The hotel has its own restaurant where you eat well. From the hotel there is a short walk up into the city or to the harbor, where the ferries can take you on several adventures to the islands of Ærø and Strynø.

Read more here: Hotel Rudkøbing Skudehavn

Tranekær Slotskro

North of Rudkøbing is the village Tranekær. As you drive through the city, you will probably notice that many of the houses are alike. Count Frederik Ahlefeldt Laurvig, called ‘The General’, was landowner at Tranekær Castle from 1791-1832. During that period, he transformed the small village according to the model of the German principalities and built both factories, a theater and also Gæstgivergården, which today houses Tranekær Slotskro. The inn has 12 rooms and 1 suite, and here you live the Langeland village life, within walking distance of Tranekær Castle and TICKON Park.

Read more here: Tranekær Slotskro

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