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Are you planning to celebrate the New Year in Los Angeles? If you are going to Los Angeles during the New Year, it requires a little planning from home. If you expect to hold a New Year’s Eve that is more fun and crazy than normally, you will be badly disappointed if you don’t already have an invitation to a New Year’s party.

In Los Angeles, there are only a few public events on New Year’s Eve. As is also the case in Europe, New Year’s Eve is a party that is celebrated at home or in restaurants and nightclubs. Fortunately, here you can read about what to book from home and where to go if you can not find the last, big party of the year.


First of all, it can be difficult and expensive to find a hotel room in the big city over the New Year. This is because the two major events on January 1st, the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl, which draw many hundreds of thousands of people to the city. More on that later! But if you are looking for a hotel in Los Angeles over the New Year that is affordable, please do it in well in advance.

The same goes for the New Year’s dinners and New Year’s parties that you can book at restaurants, bars and clubs. If you want to have dinner at a restaurant, you can find the popular New Year’s menus in Los Angeles Magazine. Again, this requires that you do it beforehand as most restaurants are fully booked on New Year’s Eve.

If you don’t care if the New Year’s menu just consists of a burger, because you would rather spend your time shopping, then you may be happy that the shops are open all night on New Year’s Eve. January 1st, on the other hand, everything is closed, and often also on January 2nd.


Fortunately, there are two New Year’s parties in Los Angeles, where everyone is invited:

There is a joint countdown to the new year in Grand Park. A 3D projector throws up a clock at City Hall. Please note that smoking is prohibited at the event, as well as alcohol. You can also not be drunk. In return, there is lots of good atmosphere, great music and delicious food.

Another and more magical New Year’s party is the one taking place at  Disneyland. The Wonderland is open on New Year’s Eve until 2am and the fireworks show at 9pm (for kids who can’t stay awake), and again at midnight.


Instead of looking in vain for the New Year party that never got fun, you can also do like many of the locals and go to bed early. It is on New Year’s Day that all the fun happens!

What you as a tourist may well lack of partying on New Year’s Eve in a foreign city – you will find that in return on January 1st. Where the Europeans are busy caring for their hangovers, the Americans meet weel-rested and full of good joy for the Rose Parade in Pasadena. In the beautiful parade you can see both flower-decorated carriages, heroes from football teams, fire brigades and marching bands. And it’s all free.

NB! It can in no way be recommended to take the car to Pasadena on January 1st. 700,000 other people have to go in the same direction! Instead, take the yellow subway line to Pasadena and get off at Memorial Park. It is at the end of the parade, and here it is not so crowded and thus an opportunity to get to see something. Bring your own chair and a packed lunch.

When you get out of the station, there are signs all the way to the parade area. Incidentally, the procession starts at 8 am, but all night the subway is filled with happy spectators who have to go out into the streets of Pasadena early to get a good spot.


When the procession reaches its end, many of the spectators start moving towards Rose Bowl Stadium. On New Year’s Day, the traditional Rose Bowl Game is played, one of the big finals in college football. If you don’t have a ticket, you can unfortunately not enter the party area or tailgate. If, on the other hand, you have secured yourself a ticket to the match well in advance, a party day awaits you with lots of authentic, American atmosphere.

Happy New Year!


One of the really big items in the budget for a trip to Los Angeles is the accomodation. Are you looking for an affordable hotel in Los Angeles on Booking.com, you will see that the city has hotels in all price ranges, but in general the city is expensive to stay in. It takes a bit of effort to find affordable accommodation in Los Angeles, but it is not impossible.

If you are going on holiday in Los Angeles in the summer, it is also nice to have a swimming pool at the hotel. The city can be quite hot, and then it is nice to be able to cool off in the pool. Here are a few recommendations for good hotels in Los Angeles that are affordable – and with a swimming pool. The hotels and the appartment can be booked directly through Booking.com. See more hotels by doing your own search here:



When we were going to Los Angeles, we asked friends and family if they could recommend a good hotel in the city. Trine’s sister and brother-in-law had stayed at The Garland Hotel the year before – which they really liked. They said: It’s a bit expensive, but worth every dollar! Here yo can take a dip in the swimming pool, eat a Nutella toast for breakfast and get a good nights sleep in the large Queen beds that are big enough for two. There is a free shuttle bus to Universal Studios. The hotel is located in the northeastern part of Los Angeles, close to the freeway, so it is easy to get around the city by car.

Read more about the hotel here: The Garland Hotel


One of our friends recommended a good and affordable hotel close to Hollywood Boulevard, The Adler a Hollywood Hills Hotel. Here you live with Hollywood Boulevard just around the corner and close to both the subway (Hollywood / Vine) and the exit to the freeway. The hotel has its own swimming pool, and there is a refrigerator and microwave in the room. In the same building you will also find The 101 Coffee Shop, an authentic diner with the best breakfast menu.

Read more about the hotel here: The Adler a Hollywood Hills Hotel


Along with the recommendations, we searched around ourselves and eventually found a really nice apartment in Downtown LA. The apartment in Wilshire Apartments met all our needs for location and comfort. The apartment consisted of a room and a combined living room / kitchen, where the living room had a sofa bed. There was a well equipped kitchen with dishwasher, washer and dryer and TV with the very large TV package.

Upstairs in the other building was the swimming pool and gym, which we had free access to, and a free space in the parking basement was also reserved for us. Just across the road is a large supermarket as well as a Starbucks (with WIFI!).

Read more about the apartment here: Wilshire Apartments

See more great hotel in Los Angeles on Booking.com – click here!

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