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One of the really good things about traveling is the opportunity to taste something new. But picking the best restaurants can be tricky. Price and quality often go together, but on the other hand you can also be served the most amazing meal in the street kitchen just around the corner. So how do you know if the restaurant is worth a visit?


When you arrive on your vacation, it’s a good idea to have decided on a restaurant for the first night, so you don’t have to waste your time unsuccesfully walking around. That way, you also avoid hunger forcing you into a restaurant that you wouldn’t normally have eaten at.

On the rest of the holiday, it is easy to find great restaurants when you walk around. Be on the lookout for restaurants with a long queue – here the food is good! Also keep an eye on where the locals are eating. Especially in the larger cities, there are, close to the major attractions, expensive and bad restaurants, and those are not frequented by the locals. A rule of thumb is, that if there are only tourists in the restaurant, it’s not a good place.


If the menu is in German, English, French, Russian, Danish and Chinese, it usually indicates that you have ended up in a tourist trap. The great restaurants also don’t need to have people out on the street whose only job is to convinse people to eat here.

If you have already sat down and found that you have changed your mind about eating at the restaurant, it’s okay to get up and leave. It’s always better that than a bad meal or a vacation with diarrhea. In the restaurant there must be a smell of good food, and the place has to be reasonably clean, otherwise you should get up and apologize that you just didn’t find something on the menu that you wanted.


You can also find a lot of information about the restaurants online. As in all other cities, a few minutes of googling is well spent when you need to find a good restaurant. Spend 10-15 minutes doing your research before going out so you can find the good places to eat. And remember to book a table if possible.

Try googling some of the following:

  • best restaurants in
  • restaurant guide for ‘city name’
  • best pizza in
  • what to eat in
  • what to taste in

Of course, whether the food is good depends on who is going to eat it. There are many who write restaurant reviews, but how do you know you can trust them? What one likes is not necessarily the same as others will love.

It is always a good idea to get food tips from bloggers and media that you know in advance. Here you’ll know what they usually write about. If you like many of the same restaurants, then you will probably agree with the other reviews as well.


Michelin guide reviewers don’t just eat at gourmet restaurants. In addition to giving stars to the best restaurants, you can also find restaurants in the Michelin guide that offer good food at reasonable prices. Once you have entered the page, click on “Sort by & Refine” and select one of the other guides without stars. Here you get really good food at reasonable prices – and often really astonishing food!

Read more here: Via Michelin


We also have to talk about Tripadvisor… If you need to find the best restaurant in the area, this is the food guide that most of us will search. If you have used Tripadvisor more than once, you will also know that the review can be random and biased – and not necessarily lead you to the best restaurant.

On Tripadvisor, everyone can have their say, but unfortunately there is no one who reviews the content. Therefore, when a restaurant is reviewed as good on Tripadvisor, it might as well just be because there are many who have eaten there. And that they have a deep love for chicken nuggets.

That said, Tripadvisor is still close to indispensable when it comes to finding restaurants in a foreign city. But do remember to validate the review on another site or blog.

Read more here: Tripadvisor


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