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What to see in Faaborg

Get tips for all the exciting sights in Faaborg! The town offers lots of stunning nature in the Svanninge hills, lovely beaches and small hiking trails that invite you to a relaxing summer holiday. And then there are also lots of amazing sights in the beautiful old market town – and a fascinating story about Hans Christian Andersen.

9 amazing sights in Faaborg

Svanninge Bakker / Svanninge Hills

Maybe you have already heard of Svanninge Bakker, which attracts over 300,000 tourists every year? The area is something very special, and so beautiful that it almost takes your breath away. In addition to a lovely hike in the Funen Alps, you can also enjoy a journey back in the historic landscape. Svanninge Bakker is covered by overgrazing, a type of nature that is no longer found in many places in Denmark.

Faaborg Museum

When you visit Faaborg Museum, you can probably recognize the surrounding landscape in many of the paintings. Mads Rasmussen, who ran the large cannery factory, was also very fond of art and founded the Faaborg Museum in 1910. Today, a unique collection of Funen painters hangs here, including Johannes Larsen and Fritz and Anna Syberg.

The Voigt Family – and Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen first visited Faaborg on 6 August 1830. From then until now not much has changed in the historic Faaborg and especially in the Den Voigtske Købmandsgård, the merchant farm in the center of Faaborg. Here Hans Christian Andersen met, what he later called his first love, the beautiful Riborg Voigt. Read more about the love story, that never startet here: Bachelor goes a-wooing and H.C. Andersen og Faaborg. The last link is in Danish, but you can run it through Google Translate by clicking the link.

Beaches in and around Faaborg

Many tourists visit the south of Funen to swim. Here you will find some of the best bathing water in the country and beautiful sandy beaches. Inside Faaborg itself, the locals bathe at Klinten Strand and of course in the new, beautiful Havnebad. A few minutes walk from the city center are nice bathing facilities for both children and adults, free to use.

Sail out to Avernakø, Lyø and Bjørnø and visit Svelmø

From Faaborg, hop on the ferry and take a trip to Avernakø and Lyø, where the photo above is from. Lyø is the largest island in terms of area, while Avernakø has the most permanent residents. Bjørnø has only 35 residents, and the island is so small that you can walk around it on foot in a few hours. On all three islands there are beautiful beaches and a village life that makes you think of Astrid Lindgren’s stories about Bullerby.

You can’t sail to Svelmø. In return, you can go out to the privately owned island via the ebb road near the camp site at Nab – or you can take the trip in a tractor with Jan from Svelmø.

The Bell Tower in Faaborg

One of the sights in Faaborg that you have to see is the Bell Tower. Faaborg’s beautiful landmark, the yellow bell tower, stands beautifully over the city and shows the way for the seafarers. The Bell Tower is from the city’s first church from the 13th century. When the church was demolished, the tower was allowed to stand, and luckily for that! If you have the courage, you can climb up the 108 steps to the top, where there is the most fantastic view over Faaborg and the South Funen Archipelago.

Faaborg Miniby

You get another overview of the city in Faaborg Miniby, one of the more quirky sights in Faaborg. A little outside the city, on the way out to Gåsebjergsand Playground, you will find a tiny town. In Faaborg Miniby, the city is reproduced in the size ratio 1:10, as it looked in 1890. The more than 150 small houses are built accordingly to the original drawings, with authentic materials and methods.


If you drive off route 8 towards Kværndrup, you will encounter a large Viking castle. Here in Korinth lives the designer Jim Lyngvild, who is known for his collaboration with the National Museum on their Viking exhibition. Twice a year you can visit Ravnsborg at the large summer market and the Christmas market.

Talk a walk on Øhavsstien

Also go for a walk on Øhavsstien. The path is laid out through the South Funen landscape and takes you around South Funen and to the small islands in the South Funen Archipelago. If you click on the link, there are suggestions for different day trips, but the trail can also be a hiking holiday in itself.

Find a great hotel i Faaborg

Faaborg offers hotels in all price ranges. Here you get recommendations on good hotels, all of which can be booked directly through Booking.com. See more hotels by doing your own search here:


A wonderful hotel in the middle of Faaborg

Stay at the charming Hotel Faaborg, which towers over Torvet with its unique red stone architecture. Whether you come by bus, ferry or car, the hotel is easy to get to, because it is located right in the center, close to the harbour, sights and restaurants. However, you don’t have to travel far to eat well; Hotel Faaborg serves both breakfast and lunch from delicious, local ingredients.

Read more here: Hotel Faaborg

A hotel with a view to Faaborg Fjord

Hotel Faaborg Fjord forms a lovely setting for a holiday. Here you live right down to Faaborg Fjord with private beach, jetty and beach bar. At the hotel’s Restaurant Vinoteket, you eat according to the mantra “From South Funen soil to South Funen table”, with lots of local ingredients. If you need to stretch your legs after the delicious meal, there is half an hour walk to the city center.

Read more here: Hotel Faaborg Fjord

At hotel right at the seafront

At Hotel Færgegaarden Faaborg you live in the middle of the city, right next to the habour in Faaborg, with the harbour beach and the ferries. The hotel is housed in a beautiful, old building from 1857, which since then has been a good place to spend your vacation. Today, the hotel offers everything you need, with the restaurant being a great choice for dinner.

Read more here: Hotel Færgegaarden Faaborg

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