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Wonderful expreriences await in Svendborg

Svendborg is where we live! We have so much to share with you, because we absolutely love it here. There’s always something new to see and do. We like to travel outside in the winther, because in the summertime we want to spend as much time here as we can. The summer is spent working in Rune’s bar, Kammerateriet, and the rest of the time just relaxing at the beach or out in town.

In and around Svendborg there are lots of lovely sandy beaches, water and forests that invite you to a summer holiday full of activities. If you get tired of bathing, there is plenty to do for children. Also sail out to some of the other lovely islands in the South Funen Archipelago, or visit one of the exciting museums.

What to see and do in Svendborg?

Svendborg is a certified Citty Slow city, an international network of smaller cities that work to increase the quality of life for their inhabitants and focus on local products. It is felt everywhere you go, and the people of Svendborg are proud of the relaxed lifestyle: here you live well, and here you eat well!

In other words, don’t visit Svendborg if you are looking for a holiday with amusement parks, huge shopping malls and numerous galleries. Svendborg is a popular tourist destination for completely different reasons. Svendborg is for having fun, relax and to experience the beautiful nature.

8 Muset See Attractions in Svendborg

VisitSvendborg provides lots of inspiration for attractions and current events in the city. But among the sights in Svendborg that you just have to see, there are:

Beaches in and around Svendborg

Many tourists visit Svendborg to go swimming. South Funen has some of the very best beaches in Denmark. In Svendborg, we have the shallow and kids-friendly beach by the round marina in the middle of the city and then Christiansminde Strand just east of the city. Walk along the beautiful path next to the sea side water and find the many signs that the area has been a recreational area for the people of Svendborg for more than 200 years. Here they went out to enjoy a refreshment in forest and were entertained with a dance hall, bike path and a tower.

You can also drive to the beach and the forest at Smørmosen on Thurø. In addition to a lovely sandy beach, there is mini golf course, a snack bar and a huge playground.

Visit the old shipyard on Frederiksø

The former Svendborg Shipyard has today been transformed into a cultural island in the middle of Svendborg. It’s one of the most popular sights in Svendborg. Until the 1990s, the yard was a workplace for many of the men in Svendborg. You can still hear the siren bellowing across the rooftops, telling that it’s now time for morning coffee, lunch break, and the end of the workday. Tourists marvel at the howling siren, but without it, locals can’t keep track of time.

Take a walk around Frederiksø and read the story of the yard on small boards placed on the buildings. Visit the parkour course, the skate ramp and the ball track, and end the walk at the beach bar, Kammerateriet. Here you’ll find Rune behind the bar, ready to poor you a Piña Colada!

Go for a walk on The Archipelago Trail

If you want to burn off some of all the cocktails, go for a hike on the beautiful Archipelago Trail. The path is a total of 220 km long and takes you around the landscape of South Funen and to the small islands in the Archipelago. If you click the link, there are suggestions for different day trips, but the trail can also be a hiking holiday in itself.

Food markets in Svendborg

Every Saturday, the square in Svendborg is transformed into a food market, where you can buy vegetables, fish, cheese and local souvenirs. On the last weekend of June, the market will be expanded into the Culinary Market, which is the largest food fair in Scandinavia. At the end of the summer, we have the Old Town Market.

Valdemar’s Castle

Also visit Valdemar’s Castle. The castle is closed for the public, but you can enjoy a walk in the beautiful area. If you don’t have a car, then the easiest way is actually the waterway with the small veteran ship Helge, which departs from the harbor in Svendborg between Frederiksgade and Frederiksø.

The love story about Elvira Madigan and Sixten Sparre

Svendborg also has one of the saddest love stories, which took place at Nørreskoven on the island of Tåsinge. The Swedish lieutenant Sixten Sparre was already married when he fell in love with the beautiful and poor circus artist, Elvira Madigan. Together they fled to Svendborg, where they stayed at the former Hotel Svendborg. The building with the characteristic tower where they stayed for a few days is today part of Hotel Ærø. On the ground floor you will find the restaurant Bella Italia.

By July 18, 1889, they had run out of money. Still in love and with a desire to stay together forever, they went on a picnic to Nørreskoven. In a small clearing, Sixten Sparre first shot Elvira Madigan, before then taking his own life. The place is today marked with a stone, and the couple is buried in Landet Cemetery under an old oak tree. Read more about the love story here: Elvira Madigan and Sixten Sparre

The Danish Welfare Museum

Around the same time as the unhappy love story between Elvira Madigan and Sixten Sparre, Fattiggården in Svendborg was taken into use. Today, the poorhouse is a museum, and here you can get an insight into the time the couple lived in. Before the welfare society, as we know it today, emerged, the city’s poor and week were housed here. The Danish Welfare Museum also contains an exhibition about children in orphanages in the 20th century, necessary and relevant, but very sad.

The ferries to Ærø, Drejø, Skarø and Hjortø

From Svendborg you can take the ferry to the small, southern Funen islands: Ærø , Drejø, Skarø and Hjortø. Ærø is the largest, and it is advisable to book a nihght or two for your stay. Here you can go on adventures in the old streets, visit a bottle ship museum or rent bicycles and enjoy the beautiful nature. Read more about Ærø here: A daytrip to Ærøskøbing

On Skarø you can enjoy the famous Skarø ice cream to the sound of the bell frogs in the street pond or go to Skarø Festival, also run by Rune and his businnes partner. On Drejø you can have a nice meal at the inn.

Find a great hotel in Svendborg

Are you looking for a good hotel in Svendborg, we have collected a list of lovely hotels for you, all of which can be booked through Booking.com. See more hotels by doing your own search here:


A kids-friendly hotel in Svendborg

Hotel Christiansminde forms a lovely setting for a holiday with children. Here you live right by the beach with the long jetty, playground, ice parlour and mini golf course. In the hotel there is a games room in the basement with table tennis and a swimming pool, and on the sumptuous breakfast buffet there is something that all children like! From Christiansminde it is a 15 minute walk to Svendborg.

Read more about the hotel here: Hotel Christiansminde

A great hotel in Svendborg

Stay at the lovely Hotel Svendborg right in the city center. Whether you come by train or car, the hotel is easy to get to. The rooms are large and tastefully decorated. It is possible to choose a room with view of the city. Dine well in the hotel’s own Restaurant Krinsen, which has a menu inspired by seasonal local ingredients.

Read more about the hotel here: Best Western Plus Hotel Svendborg

An affordable hotel in the city center

If you’re planning to be out and about all day and just need a bed to sleep in, you will also find good and cheap accommodation in Svendborg. At Hotel Garni you live right by the harbor, opposite the train station and a 2-minute walk from the pedestrian zone. The hotel has 18 well-appointed rooms with everything you need for your holiday – including free wifi. Once you have checked in at Best Western Plus Hotel Svendborg, where you can also have breakfast, you can come and go as you please.

Read more about the hotel here: Hotel Garni

See more great hotels in Svendborg here on Booking.com!

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