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Shopping In Seville, Spain – All The Best Shopping Areas! juni 21, 2022 – Posted in: Spain, Travel

WHERE TO GO SHOPPING IN SEVILLE If you are going shopping in Seville, set aside a full day to explore the many beautiful shops. Here is everything the heart can desire of beautiful dresses, elegant looking shoes and lots of souvenirs. Take your time to stroll around and explore the small shops around town – or use the guide here! BEST SHOPPING STREETS IN SEVILLE In the old city around the beautiful cathedral, you will…

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Best Restaurants In Seville - SittingUnderAPalmTree

Best Restaurants In Seville – And A Tip For Breakfast – Posted in: Spain, Travel

FIND THE GOOD RESTAURANTS IN SEVILLE Are you looking for great restaurants in Seville? The Andalusian city offers endless opportunities to have an excellent meal, and it can be difficult to choose. Seville is home to around 3.000 (!) tapas bars with the number not even including restaurants, and with such a large selection of places serving food, the classic question becomes a truth: Where are we going to eat tonight? As in all other…

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Where To Eat Tapas In Seville, Spain - SittingUnderAPalmTree

Where To Eat Tapas In Seville, Spain februar 24, 2022 – Posted in: Spain, Travel

WHERE TO HAVE TAPAS IN SEVILLE Are you looking for the best tapas in Seville? Everywhere you go in the streets of Seville, you can just walk into one of the many tapas bars and get a quick snack, a tapa, and a good glass of wine. Or do as the locals and order your tapas with a sangriá or a cerveza caña, a beer in a glass so small that it doesn’t have time…

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Must See Attractions In Seville, Spain juni 22, 2020 – Posted in: Spain, Travel

ATTRACTIONS IN SEVILLE What sights are a must see in Seville? In the Andalusian city there’s plenty to see, lots of culture and history – so much you wan’t have time for it all. The atmosphere in Seville also invites you to relax, eat tapas and in general just to enjoy life, so it’s a hard choice. Solve it by booking a few extra nights, because there are just too many things to see and…

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