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Are you looking for great restaurants in Seville? The Andalusian city offers endless opportunities to have an excellent meal, and it can be difficult to choose. Seville is home to around 3.000 (!) tapas bars with the number not even including restaurants, and with such a large selection of places serving food, the classic question becomes a truth: Where are we going to eat tonight?

As in all other cities, a few minutes of googling is well spent when you need to find a good restaurant, but there is another solution as well. Do as the Sevillians do, go out into the city and eat where you are right now. Even the smallest tapas bars frequented by the locals in the neighborhood always serve a quick and tasty bite. Incidentally, it is a good travel tip no matter where you go: Go out into the city and spot where the locals eat.

However, this can be misleading, because in Seville you don’t eat dinner until after 9-10 pm. In the hot city, it makes sense, so get through the day with a tapas or two and eat when the sun – and the temperature – has gone down.

Many dishes come in tapas size, which makes it easy to taste more than one thing. If you are a larger group, do as the locals and order many small dishes and share them across the table.

Although the popular restaurants fill up quickly every night – which makes it a good idea to always book a table – it is also recommended to go on the Tour de Tapas in Seville. Right here you will find the best tips for restaurants that you just have to visit.


Before we take you to the good restaurants in Seville, however, it is appropriate to tell you about which restaurants we usually go for – so you can decide if you want to follow our recommendations.

We love to eat well and restaurant visits are usually a big part of our vacations. We don’t necessarily eat expensive, but always locally and with local ingredients. We are also always on the hunt for new food adventures and prefer to eat something we have never tasted before.

Bon appetite!


Restaurante AMARA  is a hip and modern gourmet restaurant that will overwhelm you with many new taste experiences and sensory impressions. You can choose a few dishes from the menu, but if you have a good appetite, you have to try the large gourmet menu.

We went for it an was served chestnut soup, black squid croquettas and finally a dessert with vanilla ice cream with a solid sprinkle of… curry! It sounds odd, but it was nothing short of ingenious. We also had the accompanying sherry menu, where we went through 5-6 of the sherry types from the district. And then it wasn’t even expensive. In November 2021, we payed €39 for the menu and €20 for the sherry menu per. person.


Way outside the old city center lies the über-smart restaurant Burro. The decor is beautiful and well thought out, and the large, raw space is filled with a bar.

Burro is known for the perfectly fried steak and also pizzas with one the thinnest and crispiest bottom you can imagine. And again it was an inexpensive meal: for two cocktails, two beers, hummus-tapas (with truffle!), pizza, risotto and steak = €50!

Read more here and remember to book a table: Burro Canaglia Bar & Resto


If you are looking for a small but exquisite lunch snack, then go to La Flor de Toranzo. The tapas bar is famous for its  emparedados, small sandwiches with a heavenly filling. Start by ordering a few pieces each, share them – and then order some more if you’re still hungry. We asked for the specialties and got to taste anchovies in condensed milk, Sobrasada (spicy sausage) and a Roquefort that melted on the tongue. Yummy!


If you are looking for breakfast in Seville, most larger hotels offer the usual intercontinental breakfast, and although it is almost always good, it rarely brings the big surprises. In Seville, however, there are also a wealth of cafes where you can have breakfast in the sun. A still warm and crispy croissant, freshly squeezed juice and a café con leche, and then you’re ready to go sightseeing in Seville!

An even better tip, though, is to find the local supermarket and stock up on some bread, cheese and ham. Find one of the benches under the shady trees by the river and enjoy the silence and the cooling breeze.


Seville is a surprisingly inexpensive city when it comes to hotel prices. You can get a lot of value for your money when on holiday in the Andalusian city. The old medieval part of Santa Cruz in the center of the city is the most expensive area. Here you are within walking distance to sights and shopping. In the northern part of the city you can find many cheap hotels, hostels and apartments.

It is highly recommended to find an air-conditioned hotel if you want to sleep well at night! Here you get recommendations for good hotels in Seville, all of which can be booked directly through See more hotels by doing your own search here:

Hotel Gravina 51 - SittingUnderAPalmTree

Hotel Gravina 51 – click to read more!


The first time we were in Seville, in 2018, we stayed at Hotel Gravina 51 in the beautiful, old city center and close to the river Guadalquivir. At Hotel Gravina 51 you sleep in the most beautiful rooms, decorated in Moorish style and with cool tiles and dark shutters to take the worst of the heat.

You can also relax in the small atrium courtyard with the rippling fountain or enjoy the cooling breeze by the river, which is within walking distance. In the other direction, but just as close, you will find many good restaurants. Read more here: Hotel Gravina 51

Fontecruz Sevilla Seises - SittingUnderAPalmTree

Fontecruz Sevilla Seises – click to read more!


In 2021, we came past Seville again. This time, Rune decided to spoil his girlfriend and accommodated us on the amazing Fontecruz Sevilla Seises. Hotel Gravina 51 is nice – but La Seises, as it is also called, is just something completely unique.

From the hip bar on the roof terrace – with a pool! – you can look directly over at the cathedral La Giralda. The rooms in what was in the 17th century the palace of the archbishop are sparsely furnished so that the beautiful high vaulted rooms can shine in their own simple beauty. But the building is even older, because in the basement you will find the foundation of a Roman ruin with a well-preserved mosaic.

At Fontecruz Sevilla Seises you live as centrally as possible. When you step out the door, you are in the restaurant street Calle Segovia, and if you turn right, you enter the narrow, old streets, where small shops are located side by side. Read more here: Fontecruz Sevilla Seises

Apartamentos Torre de la Plata - Lejlighed i Sevilla - SittingUnderAPalmTree

Apartamentos Torre de la Plata – click to read more!


In 2022, we were in Seville for the third time. This time we had Ivan with us and thus needed an extra room. We ended up finding the best apartment right on Torro del Oro, the big tower by the river. In addition to the bedroom and a room with a single bed, there was also a sofa bed in the living room. In addition, a toilet with a bath and a kitchen with dining area.

Although the apartment was nice and newly decorated, it was not the best thing about this place: the apartment is located right next to the smaller tower, Torre de la Plata. From our large, enclosed terrace there was a direct view up to the tower – but noone could see us eating ham and cheese in the morning sun.

Well, but the terrace was neither the best thing about the apartment either: Right in front of the door is the bus stop where the bus to the airport stops. If you are only in Seville on a short visit, the location is nothing short of brilliant. From the bus stop to the airport it’s only just over half an hour.

Read more about the apartment here: Apartamentos Torre de la Plata

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