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Are you looking for the best tapas in Seville? Everywhere you go in the streets of Seville, you can just walk into one of the many tapas bars and get a quick snack, a tapa, and a good glass of wine. Or do as the locals and order your tapas with a sangriá or a cerveza caña, a beer in a glass so small that it doesn’t have time to get hot before you drink it.

Although the popular restaurants fill up fast every night – which makes it a good idea to always book a table – you can also do as the locals and go on the Tour de Tapas in Seville. Spend an evening or two walking from tapas bar to tapas bar – just like the locals. Especially on Friday nights, the atmosphere in the city is vibrant and full of Sevillians doing what they love: going from bar to bar, drinking a beer here, eating a tapas there and having loud conversations with everyone they meet.


Here you get the best tips for good tapas bars in Seville that are worth a visit. The tapas bars below are included to give you an overview of the large selection, but you do not have to hurry to visit them all. Seville is full of tapas bars, so choose your own route to your Tour de Tapas in Seville. Bon appetite!


El Rinconcillo is the oldest tapas bar in Seville and definitely worth a visit. Not so much because of the atmosphere, because it is, as one of the only places in the city, full of tourists. But enjoy the beautiful decorations and the old, dusty bottles on the shelves while you get a good glass of wine and a tapa.


Seville also offers many gourmet tapas bars, such as Flores Gourmet. Go exploring in the big store and buy a souvenir, or have the waiter cut you a plate of bellotto ham, the finest piece of the Iberico pig. Eat it with some Menchego cheese and a glass of cold white wine.


From the outside, the small fish tapas bar doesn’t look like much, in fact it most resembles a fish shop. But at the acclaimed La Trastienda, you get the best fish tapas in town – with fish of all shapes and sizes. Obviously you should order their prawns, squid and mussels, but also try the Anchoas Imperiales. Yes, it’s “just” an anchovy on a piece of toast, but it tastes heavenly.


Opposite is what is probably one of the city’s best tapas bars, La Bodega de la Alfalfa. Here you get traditional tapas with all the delicious dishes you have to try while in Seville. Of course there is both jamon and queso, but also try their ensaladillas (a mayonnaise salad with seafood), Flamenquin and finish with a Berenjenas con Miel (courgettes with honey).

The portions are plentiful and although the tapas bar is a bit expensive, you really get a lot of good taste for the money. We, for sure, will definitely have to come again! If the place is full, go across the road to the smallerBar Alfalfa. The two bars have the same owners.


From Friday afternoon and onwards, young people, families and tourists gather around the tapas bars along the Alameda de Hércules boulevard. It is simply the place to be if you are looking for a fun evening in the city. The locals go from bar to bar, eat a bite here, drink a glass there. It’s something you really have to try.

At the start of the boulevard is the traditional Maestro Rufino, which offers fine wines and jamon cinco jotas, the Rolls-Royce of Iberoco hams. If you are looking for a party and live music, you will find it in Cafe Tarifa, which has a large cocktail menu and many local craft beers.

From Friday noon there is a shortage of the best seats in the shade, but we found the perfect place up at the other end of the boulevard. At Divino you can enjoy a good beer and an excellent goat cheese. Also visit the lively craft beer bar Hops and Dreams in the small alley. Craft beer is still pretty underground in Seville, but the selection here at the bar is large and we got several fun check-ins for our beer app, Untappd.


The selection of tapas is large in Seville, which goes well with the delicious sangriá or the local fino sherry, a dry white wine with light bubbles. Or just order a cerveza, caña or medium, if you are thirsty and would like a beer. There are many great wines on the menu, and if you have the opportunity, order the local “Fundus”.

When ordering tapas, you never go wrong in the city by choosing Jamón (ham from the black-footed pig) and queso, a hard cheese. In and around Seville, tasty cheeses are produced. Finally, you must also taste the delicious croquettas. The filling varies, mushrooms, fish and ham are common, but the outside is always the same: a crispy breading fried in hot oil.


Seville is a surprisingly inexpensive city when it comes to hotel prices. You can get a lot of value for your money when on holiday in the Andalusian city. The old medieval part of Santa Cruz in the center of the city is the most expensive area. Here you are within walking distance to sights and shopping. In the northern part of the city you can find many cheap hotels, hostels and apartments.

It is highly recommended to find an air-conditioned hotel if you want to sleep well at night! Here you get recommendations for good hotels in Seville, all of which can be booked directly through Booking.com. See more hotels by doing your own search here:


Hotel Gravina 51 - SittingUnderAPalmTree

Hotel Gravina 51 – click to read more!


The first time we were in Seville, in 2018, we stayed at Hotel Gravina 51 in the beautiful, old city center and close to the river Guadalquivir. At Hotel Gravina 51 you sleep in the most beautiful rooms, decorated in Moorish style and with cool tiles and dark shutters to take the worst of the heat.

You can also relax in the small atrium courtyard with the rippling fountain or enjoy the cooling breeze by the river, which is within walking distance. In the other direction, but just as close, you will find many good restaurants. Read more here: Hotel Gravina 51

Fontecruz Sevilla Seises - SittingUnderAPalmTree

Fontecruz Sevilla Seises – click to read more!


In 2021, we came past Seville again. This time, Rune decided to spoil his girlfriend and accommodated us on the amazing Fontecruz Sevilla Seises. Hotel Gravina 51 is nice – but La Seises, as it is also called, is just something completely unique.

From the hip bar on the roof terrace – with a pool! – you can look directly over at the cathedral La Giralda. The rooms in what was in the 17th century the palace of the archbishop are sparsely furnished so that the beautiful high vaulted rooms can shine in their own simple beauty. But the building is even older, because in the basement you will find the foundation of a Roman ruin with a well-preserved mosaic.

At Fontecruz Sevilla Seises you live as centrally as possible. When you step out the door, you are in the restaurant street Calle Segovia, and if you turn right, you enter the narrow, old streets, where small shops are located side by side. Read more here: Fontecruz Sevilla Seises

Apartamentos Torre de la Plata - Lejlighed i Sevilla - SittingUnderAPalmTree

Apartamentos Torre de la Plata – click to read more!


In 2022, we were in Seville for the third time. This time we had Ivan with us and thus needed an extra room. We ended up finding the best apartment right on Torro del Oro, the big tower by the river. In addition to the bedroom and a room with a single bed, there was also a sofa bed in the living room. In addition, a toilet with a bath and a kitchen with dining area.

Although the apartment was nice and newly decorated, it was not the best thing about this place: the apartment is located right next to the smaller tower, Torre de la Plata. From our large, enclosed terrace there was a direct view up to the tower – but noone could see us eating ham and cheese in the morning sun.

Well, but the terrace was neither the best thing about the apartment either: Right in front of the door is the bus stop where the bus to the airport stops. If you are only in Seville on a short visit, the location is nothing short of brilliant. From the bus stop to the airport it’s only just over half an hour.

Read more about the apartment here: Apartamentos Torre de la Plata

See more great hotels in Seville here on Booking.com!

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