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There is so much to see in Iceland, and so much beauty that can completely take your breath away! Most tourists go on the trip called “The Golden Circle”. The sights that can be seen along the 300 km long route consist of the Thingvellir National Park, the Geysir geothermal area and the Gullfoss waterfall.


It is virtually impossible to take public transportation to the sights, and thus many bus companies offering the trip. However, it can rarely be done for less than €100 per. person. For that amount, you can rent a small car for two days at Sixt, which also will give you time for a trip south.

NB! Iceland has been one of the only places where we have broken our principles of not renting a car, because otherwise it is simply too difficult to get around.

Thingvellir - Sidder Under En Palme


The trip starts at the beautiful national park, Thingvellir. Iceland’s Alting, the world’s oldest parliament, gathered here for the first time in the year 930, and the Landsting was held on the square until 1798.

Thingvellir is an important place in the consciousness of Icelandics, and it was also here that the Icelandic Republic was proclaimed on 17 June 1944.

You can spend several hours hiking in the beautiful area, but at least visit the small church below the viewing plateau. In the cemetery are some of the greatest poets of Iceland, Jónas Hallgrímsson and Einar Benediktsson, are buried.

Geysir - Sidder Under En Palme


There are signs all the way from Tingvallir and up to the geothermal Geysir area, which impresses with its hot springs and Iceland’s most active geyser, Strokkur. It is the geyser, Geysir, that has given name to the area and to the natural phenomenon itself, but the activity in this has been quiet from 1916 – until the year 2000, where it  it began to erupt again, albeit at long intervals.

Today, it is the geyser Strokkur that sends a cascade of water up to the sky every five minutes. It is an impressive sight, but at least as impressive is the area itself, with the steaming springs and and the strong smell of sulfur. Here you really get a sense of the forces of nature!

Gullfoss - Sidder Under En Palme


Further up the road is the majestic waterfall, Gullfoss. The waterfall is divided into two; the upper fall with a drop of 11 meters and the lower with a drop of 21 meters. From the car park, a small path leads around the edge to the viewing platform, where you can get really close to the huge masses of water that plunge into the ravine.

In good weather, there is from Gullfoss also a view of the massive glacier Langjökull. Here, however, you can only go if you have rented a car with four-wheel drive. Cars with two-wheel drive are not allowed to drive on the F-marked roads in Iceland.


There are far between the restaurants and gas stations on the trip, and the food you can buy is expensive. Pack a sandwich and some water – and remember to refuel the car. The main roads are generally in good condition, but still do check if you have a spare wheel with you.

A good pair of walking shoes is essential, but it doesn’t have to be expensive hiking boots. The rocks at Gullfoss are slippery, so a pair of ordinary sneakers can’t be recommended.

Also bring your patience on the trip. There are a lot of tourists at the various sights, and not all nationalities know how to behave and wait in a line.

In most souvenir shops in Reykjavik, you can buy a map with all the attractions on the trip. Should you forget to bring an overview map, you can just drive after all the other small, white Chevrolets, filled with tourists going the same way as you.


Whether you are going on holiday in Reykjavik or just want to visit the city on a short weekend trip, there are many lovely hotels in the city. Here are a few recommendations for great hotels in Reykjavik, all of which can be booked through See more hotels by doing your own search here:


The glossy black glass façade reflects the northern lights and gives a hint of what to expect from one of the city’s most luxurious hotels, the Black Pearl Apartment Hotel. The hotel offers 16 apartments, divided into standard rooms, suites and penthouses. All are tastefully decorated in the light, Scandinavian style and furnished with a kitchen. Here is all the luxury you could wish for – but space to work and the opportunity to make yourself a cup of coffee whenever you want!

The hotel is right on the harbor and just a few minutes walk from the best restaurants and bars. From Black Pearl, you can drive directly onto the ring road that takes you out of town.

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Already early in the morning there is a crowd at the buffet, which serves a basic, but good breakfast – coffee, bread, cold cuts, oatmeal and cakes. The tourists who stay at the Storm Hotel are all heading out for the sights with not a momet to waste, and the large tourist buses leave the area outside the hotel all morning.

The location a little outside the center by one of the major highways is good for you who want to explore the sights in Iceland. Also for guests going into Reykjavik, the hotel is well located. It is placed about a 15-minute walk from the city center, at the end of the long shopping street. With an umbrella or raincoat you can easily walk back and forth.

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Right in the center and as close as you can get to most bars and restaurants in Reykjavik is LOFT Hostel. At the hostel you mainly meet young people for whom a bed and good company are all that matters. At LOFT Hostel you can choose between sleeping in a bunk bed in the dormitory or book your own private room. No matter how you decide to sleep, there is access to the popular roof terrace overlooking Hallgrimskirken. A wonderful accommodation location for you who want to meet other young people!

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