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There are so many beautiful sights in Scania, the Southern part of Sweden, that it can be difficult to choose. Here you can read about some of all the exciting and fun experiences that you can see on a holiday in Scania. Let’s go!



Malmö is the first city you arrivce in when crossing the Øresund Bridge. Malmöhus Castle houses the city’s museum, and you can also visit the castle’s many rooms and, among other things, see the knight’s hall. From May to September you can go on a canal cruise on Malmö’s canals. In August there is Malmö Festival with free concerts, theater, sports, art and much more.


Lund is the old university town, dating back to the medieval Metropolis Dania , the headquarters of the entire Nordic region. Kulturen in Lund was founded in 1882 and is one of the world’s oldest open-air museums. The culture consists of over 30 buildings from the 17th century onwards and has collections of, among other things, glass, paintings, silverware, musical instruments and weapons. In Lund Cathedral you can see the Astronomical Clock, which twice a day plays the anthem In dulci jubilo. Every hour you can see the two small mechanical knights fighting on top of the clock.


From Lund you can drive north, perhaps with a detour to Helsingborg, before landing in Arild, where Sweden’s most famous coffee house is located. The Swedes are world champions in fika, coffee drinking with plenty of cakes. In the 1930s, the five sisters, Flickorna Lundgren, began baking muffins and cakes and selling them at the door. Their cakes became famous throughout Sweden, and guests flocked to taste the famous vanilla hearts with creamy filling, which are still served.


From Arild in the north, the trip now goes southeast and inland. At Vinslöv is Tykarpsgrottan, which is a 10,000 m large underground labyrinth, where the area’s farmers have mined lime for centuries. The cave is located 10-12 meters underground and has a constant temperature of +8 degrees. The cave has been used in several film recordings, including Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter.


At Höör is Skånes Djurpark, where the photo at the top is from. Here you can meet lots of wild and domestic animals from Scandinavia’s wildlife: elk, bear lynx and all the old breeds of farm animals. There is plenty to see for both children and adults. The park also has several good restaurants, so you don’t have to bring your packed lunch.


Further east is Kristianstad, which was founded by King Christian IV. The town has signs throughout of the former Danish ownership and is a charming market town with lots of history. Visit the Regional Museum in Kristianstad, which is located in what was once King Christian IV’s horse stables. A five minutes walk from the city is Vattenriket, a 35 kilometer long Eco-Museum along Helge Å. Here you can see small insects, fish and magnificent birds such as storks and eagles.


If you drive down the coast, you will come to the small, charming fishing village Simrishamn, where you will find several lovely lunch restaurants. Continue towards Ystad until you reach Glimmingehus. The castle is the Nordic region’s best-preserved medieval castle and was built in 1499 by the Dane Jens Holgersen Ulfstand, who was lord of Gotland. During the summer there are tours and medieval activities for all ages, with archery tournament, beer brewing and ghost hunting.


South of Glimmingehus is Ales Stenar, a stone formation from the Bronze Age, erected on a hill with the most magnificent views of the Baltic Sea. The shipwreck consists of 59 large stones raised in a formation like a ship with a length of 67 meters and a width of 19 meters. In clear weather you can see all the way to Bornholm from the top of the hill.


Here you get recommendations on fantastic hotels around Skåne. For example, stay in a luxury hotel in Malmö with lots of history or in a yurt in the middle of the forest. All hotels can be booked directly through See more hotels by doing your own search here:


Mayfair Hotel Tunneln is located right in the center of Malmö, within walking distance of the train station, Stortorget and the shopping streets. There has been a hotel on site for the last 100 years, but the history of the building itself goes back more than 700 years.

This is especially evident in some of the hotel rooms, where you can still see the original exposed ceiling beams. In the medieval cellar, where breakfast is served, you eat under the old, vaulted ceilings. Mayfair Hotel Tunneln is a cozy and romantic hotel for couples.


The family-run Hotel Concordia is a gem in the heart of Lund city center and just a five-minute walk from the train station. The small city hotel is especially for you who value quality and sustainability. The hotel is ECO-certified and Swan-labeled, and the work on sustainability has been carried out throughout the hotel. However, there is no compromise on comfort, and after a long day of sightseeing you can relax in the sauna or have an Afternoon Tea before going to bed in one of the beautiful and well-equipped rooms. Read more here: Hotel Concordia


Nyrups Natur Hotell, close to Skånes Djurpark, offers a unique encounter with nature. The nature hotel is located in the middle of a forest, and here you live in with birdsong and morning light as an alarm clock. You will be assigned your own yurt, the large, round tent which is known from the Mongolian plains. Here you have a bed, a sink, an oil lamp and a heater as the only modern comforts. But you don’t need much more, because the days are spent in the tranquility of nature, with walks on the pilgrimage route, fishing and cooking over a campfire. A glamping hotel for you who want to hear your own thoughts. Read more here: Nyrups Natur Hotell

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