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Where to stay when in Rome

Where to live in Rome? Rome is made up of many different neighborhoods and areas, each with their own distinctive features and attractions. There may be pros and cons to all neighborhoods in Rome, but here you’ll get a brief overview of the neighborhoods so you have a better starting point for making a decision about where to live in Rome.

Which part of the city is the best?

The inner city, where most tourists choose to stay, stretches all the way up to Villa Borghese and the expensive neighborhood of Ludovisi and to the south is the party district Testaccio. To the west are the residential areas around the Vatican City and to the east you’ll find the main railway station Termini and all the inexpensive railway station hotels.

However, you shouldn’t have to be afraid that your choice of hotel will keep you from seeing all the sights. Rome is not bigger than you can walk across the inner city or from the Vatican to Termini in an hour. Otherwise, there are three metro lines, many buses and regional trains that can take you around the city.

When choosing the neighborhood you would like to live in, you should do so based on what you would like to experience. Are you keen on staying right in the middle of the fun restaurant area in Trastevere? Do you want to live close to the main sights? Would you like to combine your holiday be a trip to the beach at Ostia di Lido? You can also mix and match from everything and move around between the hotels in Rome.

Is Rome expensive?

Rome can be an expensive city to spend the night. If you’re on a budget, it’s a good idea to pick a hotel well outside of the city centre. Here the hotel prices are generally lower and you are still within walking distance of the nearest metro station.

The closer you stay to the popular tourist attractions at the Spanish Steps and the Colosseum, the more expensive. In the area around the exclusive shopping street Via Veneto you’ll find many luxury hotels. If, on the other hand, you choose a hotel on the other side of the Tiber, the river that divides the city, you can stay well and at an okay price. The district Trastevere south of St. Peter’s Basilica is really nice and with many bars and restaurants. In the residential areas around The Vatican City, there are many affordable hotels from where you can easily get around the city.

Which neighborhood should you choose in Rome?

It can be difficult to choose between the many areas in Rome when you try to decide on a hotel at Booking.com – so where should you stay in Rome? Here is a description of the most popular districts in Rome, hopefully making your decision easier. With each district you will also find a recommendation for a good hotel that can be booked directly through Booking.com. See more hotels by performing your own search here:



Trastevere is the area that many tourists love to stay. Trastevere is located south of the Vatican City on the western side of the river. The neighborhood does not offer as many sights as the rest of Rome, but trams and buses are ready to transport you out into the city. On the other hand, Trastevere offers small shops, wonderful restaurants and cozy cafes. In the evening there is plenty of life in the streets and numerous bars where you can have a glass of wine or a cocktail.

Stay at a charming B&B in a former convent: Relais Le Clarisse

Around the Vatican City

North of Trastevere and also on the western shore is St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City. Around the Vatican City are large residential areas with many nice hotels. When you leave the tourist crowds on St. Peter’s Square, the area is full of local restaurants, just as there are plenty of shops in the area, especially on the main shopping street Via Cola di Rienzo.

The advantage of living in this area is also that the vast majority of tourists visit St. Peter’s Basilica on their holiday in Rome. This means that there are many forms of transportation to and from the area. You’ll soon get to know the Ottaviano and Lepanto metro stations.

Stay in a quiet residential area in an apartment with room for a family: St Peter’s View Apartment


Still in the northern part of the city, we are now moving east, across the river Tiber. Here is the exclusive Ludovisi district just south of Villa Borghese. In the district you will find many luxury hotels and one of the most famous and expensive shopping streets in Rome, Via Veneto.

Fellini’s classic film La Dolce Vita from 1960 takes place in addition to the famous bathing scene in the Trevi Fountain, mainly in the Via Veneto area. Ludovisi is a quiet neighborhood where you lare sheltered from the big crowds, but at the same time within walking distance to many of the major attractions. The nearest metro station is Spagna.

Stay in a luxury hotel with its own Michelin-starred restaurant and a view over the Borghese Garden: Hotel Splendide Royal

At The Spanish Steps

South-west of Ludovisi are the Spanish Steps and Spagna Metro Station. Here you live right in the middle of everything and just a short walk from many of the main tourist attractions. At the same time, it means that there are many tourists in the area – but also lots of restaurants and all the shops you love.

From the beautiful Piazza Di Spagna, shopping streets run in all directions, with Via Condotti as the most popular. On Sunday evening, when the street is closed to traffic, the locals meet up with the tourists here to shop, drink and have a good time.

Stay in an iconic luxury hotel at the top of the Spanish Steps: Hassler Roma

Inner City

Further down south and in an area that stretches out on the western strip of land and all the way down to the Ponte Sisto, you will find the inner city. You can spend your whole vacation just strolling around the small, cobbled streets, experiencing the churches, beautiful squares and the daily life of the Romans. It is also here that you will find several of the famous sights: the Pantheon, the Campo de ‘Fiori and the major museums.

Stay in a medieval defense tower midway between the inner city and Monti: Residenza Torre Colonna

Around Termini

The area around Termini is like with that of any other train station: noisy and slightly chaotic. There are plenty of hotels in the area and here it is inexpensive to stay. At Termini Station itself you will find one of the city’s best food markets, Mercato Centrale Roma. It is a bit expensive but very good and the area also offers many small and affordable restaurants. If you are just in Rome to see all the sights before moving on, this is the perfect place to stay!

Stay at a nice hotel right next to Termini, where you really get “value for money”: Hotel Morgana


East of the inner city and just above the Colosseum is the trendy Monti district. Here you’ll find lots of small local trattorias, small boutiques with the hottest Italian fashion and hip cocktail bars. For many years, a poor working-class neighborhood, today a district in rapid development and with a very cool and authentic atmosphere. So far, only the most adventurous tourists find their way to this neighborhood.

Stay at a charming hotel in Monti, close to the Colosseum: Nerva Boutique Hotel


Testaccio is another working-class neighborhood that has enjoyed a trendy boom. Here you will find plenty of cafes, restaurants and nightclubs. Where many tourists only go out and eat in Trastevere, this area has just as much to offer, but not quite the same number of restaurants.

In return, Testaccio have one of the city’s hippest food markets, Mercato Testaccio, and also what can probably be said to be the most misplaced pyramid outside of Las Vegas. The area has many cheap B & B’s and apartments and its own metro station, Piramide.

Stay in a nice and modern hotel right next to all the restaurants in Testaccio: Seven Suites

Lido di Ostia

From the Pyramide station, trains depart for the coast and the seaside resort of Lido di Ostia. If you are flying back from Fiumicino airport, why not spend the last days of your holiday in Rome swimming in the Mediterranean? The beach town has lots of restaurants and shops, and you can easily go a day or two just relaxing on the beach after seeing the many sights in Rome. Many hotels offer shuttle service to and from the airport and are thus a good choice for the last few days in Rome before heading back home.

A modern seaside hotel a short walk from the beach: Fly Deco Hotel

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How is the weather in Rome?

Wherever in Rome you choose to stay, you must book well in advance. Rome is a popular destination all year round, and especially during the summer months. It’s hard to understand since Rome is really warm in the summer months. The weather in Rome is very nice in spring and autumn, and it can be unbearably hot in July and August. November – March is off season, and you can get a cheap flight to Rome and find accommodation at a good price.

How do you get to Rome?

Rome has two airports: Ciampino and Fiumicino. Ciampino is the oldest and smallest and is mainly used by the low cost airlines. Fiumicino is the largest, with more than 25 million passangers every year. Both airports are located south of the city, but at different ends, so remember to take the location of the airport into account when booking your hotel in Rome.

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