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5 attractions you shouldn’t miss in Alicante

There are lots of interesting sights in Alicante! Enjoy the impressive views of the Mediterranean Sea from the castle Castillo de Santa Bárbara, which guards the city. Or, you can do as the other tourists and get your shoulders down with a pleasant stroll along the rambla and the harbor promenade.

It feels like the sun is always shining in Alicante, and it can therefore be difficult to turn your back on the sunshine and walk into the darkness of the museums. However, many great attractions await, and should you run into one of the few rainy days, then it’s good to know that Alicante still has plenty to offer.

There is much more to see and experience in Alicante than mentioned here. Below, you will also find links to the tourist information and a calendar, so you can see what’s up in the city.

Santa Bárbara Castle

Above Alicante, the castle Castillo de Santa Bárbara towers, visible from most streets. The medieval castle is definitely worth a visit, and if you are worried about the prospect of climbing the steep slope, then you can take the lift from the beach. If you have the energy to walk all the way up, you can either choose the beautiful but steep road south of the castle via Parque del la Ereta or the slightly less strenuous northern route through the park at Subida Al Castillo. In the castle you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Mediterranean and Alicante or explore the ancient fortress.

Playa del Postiguet

The white sandy beach invites you to relax and have a cocktail or two. The locals also use it to play beach volleyball, which you will experience if you walk past the bars at the Esplanade d’Espagne and instead go north to the opposite end. Here you will find a great bar, Xiringuito, where you will be served cocktails, beer and light snacks. But beware: It’s hard to get up from the beach chair again, with the ever-roaring sea and the relaxed atmosphere.

Go for a stroll on the rambla

Everywhere you go will meet tourists and locals who do, what you are supposed to do in Alicante: relax and enjoy life! On the rambla and Esplanade d’Espagne, there is life all day and late into the night. However, it is not recommended to eat at the restaurants here; for the same price you can visit the city’s great restaurants that would never dream of serving premade chicken nuggets.

Alicante also has a large marina, so go for a walk on the quay and look at the beautiful boats. At the far end is a museum for the Volvo Ocean Race, a race where the big sailboats have to sail around the world.

Museums, concerts and events in Alicante

Alicante has several museums, for both art, history and bullfighting. Take the time to visit the Archaeological Museum, MARQ, where you will learn about the city’s history in the interesting collections.

In Alicante, there is also always a concert or a city party going on somewhere. On the website of Alicante’s Tourist Office you will find an updated calendar – just as you can stay updated on events in My Guide Alicante.

God for a trip by tram or bus

It is easy and inexpensive to take a small trip out of Alicante. The small tram takes you up north to Alicante’s most famous beach, Playa San Juan. The white sandy beach is several kilometers long, so go as far as you can and then take the tram home. If you have the energy, you can walk to the beach, which is about 7 kilometers from Playa del Postiguet. See timetables and stops here: TRAM Alacant.

From the bus station, just after the southern end of the harbor, you can travel further out into the country. The buses are modern, and the tickets cost next to nothing. We can recommend visiting Elx / Elche and see the many palm trees and the beautiful church, Basilica De Santa Maria. Next to the church, you get the best churros at Cafeteria El Salvador on Plaça del Salvador. See timetables and stops here: vectalia Alicante – planos.

Find a great hotel in Alicante

Booking a hotel in Alicante you get a lot of value for money, and you won’t be ruined if you splurge on a little more luxury than usual. Here you will find recommendations on fantastic hotels in Alicante, all of which can be booked directly through See more hotels by doing your own search here:

The hotel with the very best view to the sea

At the hotel Suites del Mar by Melia you live right on the quay by the marina. Here you get a great view of the sea, the castle and the beach. Suites del Mar is one of the city’s best hotels with large rooms and spacious balconies, where you can enjoy the sun. Do pay a little extra to have the beautiful view over the beach and the sea. The other side of the hotel there may be noise to out in the wee hours. The breakfast at Suites del Mar by Meli is fabulous; with juicer, freshly baked croissants and Cava. The hotel also has a spa area and a small pool – but who needs that when the beach can be reached in a few minutes?

Read more here: Suites del Mar by Meli

NB! Suites del Mar is built together with Melia Alicante. This hotel is further inland, but you still get the same amazing views.

5 stars in the old monastery

In the cozy streets right next to all the Michelin restaurants and close to the harbor and the beach is the luxury hotel Hospes Amerigo with the five stars. Here you can sleep tightly in the Egyptian sheets in the large and bright rooms and get your day off to a good start with a gourmet breakfast buffet. The hotel has its own restaurant, the Fondillón Restaurant, which is famous for its minimalist aesthetic and good ingredients. End the day in the beautiful pool at the top overlooking the castle of Santa Bárbara.

Read more here: Hospes Amerigo

Aparthotel close the the beach and the shopping streets

If you are a family or a group of friends who want a little more space on your holiday, there are many apartments in Alicante. The apartment hotel S30 Reina Victoria has taken all the good things from a hotel holiday, daily cleaning and a cozy, small bar, and combined it with the freedom of living in an apartment. The apartments are rustic and tastefully decorated and with a well-equipped kitchen. The apartment hotel is located in a residential area close to the castle and with a ten minutes walk to the port. The large market is just around the corner and there are many bars and restaurants in the area.

Read more here: S30 Reina Victoria

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